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Fox News host Tucker Carlson called out health care professionals who signed a letter saying one kind of demonstration should not violate coronavirus social distancing policies while other kinds should.

During the Friday night “Tucker Carlson Tonight” segment, Carlson explained how, just a few weeks ago, Americans were told the ongoing “medical emergency” was “more important than your rights.

But now, more than 1,200 health professionals reportedly signed a letter claiming that ongoing protests and riots sparked by the death of George Floyd should be allowed to continue, and should not be “confused with a permissive stance on all gatherings, particularly protests against stay-home orders.”

“Those actions not only oppose public health interventions, but are also rooted in white nationalism and run contrary to respect for Black lives,” the letter continued.

Carlson accused them of “lying” about the necessity of severe lockdown restrictions in the first place.


“Huh?” Carlson responded incredulously after reading part of the letter. “In other words, anybody who complains about being locked down is a racist, except the people who refuse to be locked down because they are protesting racism. Heads, I win. Tails, you lose.”

“These are public health officials,” he continued. “This is insanity. Just days ago you were told that any kind of gathering could kill thousands of people. You would be a murderer. You would be a genocidal murderer. That is before we learned that viruses have their own woke political agenda and the only rallies we should ban are those being held by people who have the wrong ideas, people who want to earn a living or go to church. Those protests are racism. Oh.” (RELATED: ‘There’s Always An Angle’: Tucker Carlson Has A Theory About Why Some Big Corporations Are ‘Paying’ For ‘Riots’)

“But this is a sham,” Carlson concluded. “It was a front for tyrants to inflict their personal neuroses and their desire for control on the United States of America and to do it outside the democratic process, outside democratic norms. Every person who signed this letter is a faker, none of them represents science, we should never listen to any of them again.”

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Gang of 100 monkeys raids farm to steal food in Thailand after lack of tourists due to Covid-19 cut off their food supply

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Cesar Chavez, whose bust is in Biden Oval Office, has history of anti-immigration comments and positions

The late labor leader Cesar Chavez, whose bust sits behind President Biden’s desk, was vehemently opposed to the immigration policies that the president has promised to enact.

The bust of Chavez was noticeably present behind Biden on Wednesday as he signed executive orders on immigration, overturning former President Donald Trump’s policies and benefiting people in the United States illegally and those trying to enter illegally.

Biden was immediately questioned about the Chavez bust on social media, with many wondering why someone who opposed Biden’s stance on immigration would have such a prominent place in the Oval Office.

“Note the bust of Cesar Chavez behind Biden as he signed executive orders,” conservative radio host Larry Elder tweeted. “Is Biden aware that Chavez, born in USA, HATED #illegalimmigration because it depressed wages — and that Chavez worked with the feds to stop it?”

Note the bust of Cesar Chavez behind Biden as he signed executive orders. Is Biden aware that Chavez, born in USA, HATED #illegalimmigration because it depressed wages--and that Chavez worked with the feds to stop it?


— Larry Elder (@larryelder) January 21, 2021

Chavez, born in Arizona in 1927, stridently opposed illegal immigration during his career as a community organizer and activist battling for the rights of farm laborers and low-wage workers.

Chavez used the term “wetbacks” often to describe illegal immigrant workers from Mexico, whom he believed took jobs from union workers. With the help of United Farm Workers co-founder Dolores Huerta, Chavez started the “Illegals Campaign,” which organized volunteers to seek out illegal immigrants working on farms and report them to the authorities.

"If we can get the illegals out of California, we will win the strike overnight,” Chavez said about farmworker strikes in California.

When he was urged to tone down his anti-illegal immigrant rhetoric, he reportedly said, “'No, a spade's a spade. You guys get these hang-ups. Goddamn it. How do we build a union? They're wets, you know. They're wets, and let's go after them."

By the mid-1970s, Chavez expressed support for the plight of illegal immigrants, but he maintained that illegal immigrants negatively affected wages and conditions for U.S. workers.

"The illegal aliens are doubly exploited, first because they are farm workers, and second because they are powerless to defend their own interests," Chavez wrote in a letter to a newspaper in 1974. "But if there were no illegals being used to break our strikes, we could win those strikes overnight and then be in a position to improve the living and working conditions of all farm workers."

Biden’s stated positions on illegal immigration have stood in stark contrast to Chavez’s views on the matter.

Hours after being inaugurated, the president issued a 100-day halt on deportations and signed an executive order to stop the construction of a wall along the southern border that was initiated by Trump.

Also on Wednesday, Biden sent a massive immigration proposal to Congress that offers a pathway to citizenship for the over 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S.

Biden’s immigration policies are expected to serve as a driving force for people living in Latin America to make the trek to the U.S. illegally.

“He’s going to help all of us. He’s giving us 100 days to get to the U.S. and give us legal papers so we can get a better life for our kids and for our families,” a Honduran migrant told a reporter earlier this week as he prepared to join a caravan to the border.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Washington Examiner on Chavez’s anti-illegal immigration policies.

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