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Trump’s pre-election diplomatic offensive glosses over awkward realities The 30 best NFL players in their 30s Gymshark customers vow to boycott brand over model with love handles © Provided by Daily Mail MailOnline logo

Sportswear giant Gymshark has confronted rude 'fat shamers' who blasted them over using a model with her belly rolls hanging out - proudly telling angry fans to 'unfollow' them if they didn't like it.


'Fat-phobic' followers claimed influencer Nelly London, from Brighton, 'had no business' promoting the brand's fitness wear and claimed they would boycott the 'woke warriors' over the range.

But the defiant British retailer said it's committed to 'celebrating bodies and communities of all kinds' and that 'this is just the beginning'.

Gymshark's Instagram post shows two pictures side-by-side of Nelly - who boasts 244,000 Instagram followers - wearing turquoise leggings and a matching crop top.

In one snap the waistband is pulled up as she poses for the camera while flexing her arm to showcase her muscles.

However in the other, Nelly wears the leggings with the waistband rolled down revealing her belly and love handles as she closes her eyes, while smiling, with her hands behind her head.

© Provided by Daily Mail 'Fat shamers' who blasted Gymshark model Nelly London, from Brighton, for proudly posing with her belly rolls hanging out were confronted by the fitness giants

Gymshark's caption reads: 'Because we are all both soft whilst also being incredibly strong. One side is not weaker, less valid or less worthy.'

The post, shared eight days ago, racked up more than 613,573 likes and thousands of comments from people, many of whom praised the photos.

But thousands of trolls said Nelly, who is an eating disorder survivor, had 'no business' representing the brand.

Gymshark remained unswayed by the backlash, claiming there would be more posts like it and even told some of their fans 'you know where the unfollow button is'.

One Instagram user accused Gymshark of 'virtue signalling', claiming the photos were simply used 'for social media'.

© Provided by Daily Mail Gymshark hit back at trolls who claimed model and influencer Nelly London 'had no business' promoting its fitness wear © Provided by Daily Mail Gymshark hit back at followers who criticised the images and said that they could unfollow the brand if they didn't like it

One wrote: 'Gymshark just doing this for social media lmao.

'That girl has no business representing fitness. I'm all for body positivity, but this is supposed to be a fitness brand.

'That lady is not fit whatsoever she doesn't represent the brand properly.

'From this post I am now assuming gymshark is a brand for overweight people?

'Like if this is truly a fitness brand why post an unfit person? Like it's great she loves her body, I respect that but if she isn't fit she has no business representing gymshark.

Full screen 1/4 SLIDES © Provided by Daily Mail 2/4 SLIDES © Provided by Daily Mail 3/4 SLIDES © Provided by Daily Mail 4/4 SLIDES © Provided by Daily Mail Some followers accused Gymshark of 'promoting unhealthy habits' by using images of a curvy incfluencer to promote its workout gear 4/4 SLIDES

'The fact of the matter is it's not good to be overweight, no matter how [you] look at it it's unhealthy.

'Promoting unhealthy people on a fitness account seems wrong to me personally.'

@zshsbxbxjsk wrote: 'Won't buy any more products from fatshark after this post. Unfollowed.'

@breydonsmith commented: 'Welp. I'm so glad a woke warrior is running the page.'

Gymshark replied: '@breydonsmith you know where the unfollow button is buddy.'

In the comment thread, Gymshark replied to @breydonsmith again, writing: 'We won't be changing our approach of celebrating bodies and communities of all kinds.

© Provided by Daily Mail Nelly London, who boasts 244,000 Instagram followers, has recovered from an eating disorder, and regularly shares body confident images on social media

'This is just the beginning and what you'll be seeing more of.

'Like we said, you know where the unfollow button is buddy.'

@mehdiettehadulhagh wrote: 'Promoting unhealthy lifestyles to confirm [sic] with political correctness and thus increase revenue and likes by keeping the delusion population delusional. Aiiight [sic].

However the post was inundated with positive comments, praising Gymshark for showcasing 'normal' body shapes and hitting back at nasty comments.

Instagram user @kelseyandaria wrote: 'I love this, normality is so important!! I'm fed up of seeing Instagram beauty standards!! Her body is actual goal(s) not going to lie.'

© Provided by Daily Mail Some followers loved the images of Nelly, pictured here in a snap from her Instagram account, and said it was refreshing to see 'normal' bodies on a fitness wear account

@kwopop commented: 'I love this so much. Please continue to post content like this' Fitness journeys and Gymshark aren't just for size zeros.'

@karinairby wrote: 'These comments suck. Who raised half these people?

'This woman is beautiful, period. Period trolling this image need to go take a good hard look in the mirror themselves. Absolutely DISGUSTED.'

@olivias.mummy commented: 'I pity the individuals who comment on this with the belief it is 'unhealthy'... I'm sorry that society has failed you.

'I'm sorry that you've been taught that healthy = skinny. It doesn't. 

Full screen 1/4 SLIDES © Provided by Daily Mail 2/4 SLIDES © Provided by Daily Mail 3/4 SLIDES © Provided by Daily Mail 4/4 SLIDES © Provided by Daily Mail 4/4 SLIDES

'Not everyone works out to be extremely thin. Not everyone works out to build massive amounts of muscle.

'Exercise is beneficial for mental health and it's FUN. Get over yourselves, we don't all have to look the same.'

Gymshark were approached for comment but said they were 'unable' to.

Nelly London was approached for comment but failed to respond.

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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The restaurant is known to many as a downtown Sacramento staple, but the decade’s old, family-owned restaurant Bud’s Buffet has officially shut its doors due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Though, they did not close without a massive show of community support. The state-worker favorite on 10th Street announced on social media Thursday they’d be closing after 33 years in business.

“When someone sent me the news and I saw the subject line – I couldn’t even open it,” David Pagos, a regular since 1994 said. “I almost cried. That’s how important this place is to me.”

Pagos and many others couldn’t let them go out without support.

“I’ve been all over the world,” Pagos said. “This is one of my favorite places in the world, to be honest with you.”

Hundreds of others in the community wanted to share the love, too. Crowds of people lined up for hours throughout the day on Friday. At one point, the line snaked around the block.

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It was a familiar sight for Tommy Reber, who told CBS13 he was a former employee. He remembers long lines, years ago, incredibly well.

“It was daily. That’s why it’s so shocking it’s shutting down now,” Reber said.

The restaurant has always been a hot spot for state workers, who are now mostly working at home. Bud’s Buffet began struggling because of the pandemic and was also hit with vandalism during the riots earlier in the summer. The restaurant owners told customers their debts have continued to climb. But on their last day – a full restaurant meant too much on their plate to speak with our crews, too. Though they shared they’re overwhelmed by support.

“I’m hoping this will make them not shut their doors,” Reber said as he stood in line for hours to get one last sandwich.

Customers say at Bud’s Buffet they’ve always felt at home. Now that community wants to put their money where their mouth is in the best way possible. An online fundraiser has also thousands of dollars in hopes of helping to pay their bills, so Bud’s Buffet can make a post-pandemic return.

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