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Kanye West took his thoughts—and one of his Grammy awards—to the bathroom. And then he peed on the statue. And then there were memes.


On Wednesday afternoon, the rapper tweeted a video of himself apparently peeing on a Grammy statue (presumably one of the 21 to his name). He captioned the post, “Trust me … I WONT STOP.



Trust me … I WONT STOP

— ye (@kanyewest) September 16, 2020

West has boasted about his multiple Grammys in the past, but maybe they don’t mean so much to him anymore. 


This came after a series of Twitter rants deploring the lack of Black ownership in ownership roles. Early Wednesday, West exploded on Twitter about white-owned companies controlling Black Americans, pointing to the NBA and music industry as examples. 

We sat back and watched Nick Cannon get canceled and we go to play ball in a bubble with black lives matter on our backs … brothers let’s stand together for real … there is no NBA or music industry without black people … fair contracts matter … ownership matters

— ye (@kanyewest) September 16, 2020 Hide

This was followed by a storm of tweets calling Black Americans to claim power and self-ownership. 

Acclaiming himself as “one of the most famous people on the planet,” West tweeted that Universal Studios refused to tell him what his “masters cost,” implying that he’d buy them out. 


— ye (@kanyewest) September 16, 2020 Hide

West, who has spoken publicly living with bipolar disorder, made clear that sticking his Grammy in the toilet was an act of defiance against the music industry. In the same hour, he tweeted his confidential contract literally one page at a time, called for retweets from celebrities like Drake and Taylor Swift, and cited multiple Bible verses. 

His fans had mixed reactions to the storm. 


kanye west is risking his life to try and help out other artists. i really hope him and his family are safe, it’s not unheard of for the industry to go after someone who’s exposed them.

— vic (@hscherrymeds) September 16, 2020

Taylor Swift speaks up for people is overrating, is a drama, is “playing victim”

Kanye West speaks up about the same thing and pees on the Grammy for people is Brave, is the one who is saving the Music industry…

— Oliver Jose (@Jose_Tohidi) September 16, 2020 Hide

Many, of course, created memes about the peed-on Grammy. 

Maybe Kanye had a point…

— Joey (@joey_hiphop) September 16, 2020 Hide

Kanye West’s toilet after it just won its first Grammy award

— ☪️ (@_hassan416) September 16, 2020 Hide

kim in the bath after kanye barged in to piss on his grammy

— joe (@jxeker) September 16, 2020

ayo kanye why this grammy taste weird

— kd (@kxbirrr) September 16, 2020 Hide

Others though, simply count this as the next event in a never-ending barrage of weird 2020 occurrences. 

Kanye uploading a video of himself peeing on his Grammy is like #746 on the list of weirdest occurrences in 2020

— philip lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) September 16, 2020 Hide Must-reads on the Daily Dot
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People are donating $750 to Biden to troll Trump over tax story

Inspired by the blockbuster story about President Donald Trump’s taxes, people are donating amounts equal to his alleged tax bills to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.


Yesterday, the New York Times revealed that it had acquired Trump’s long-sought tax returns. For years, Trump has refused to release his returns, breaking with decades-old tradition for presidential candidates. Simultaneously, he has bragged about how much he pays in taxes and complained about how little others pay.


The Times‘ story, the first of several, contained numerous stunning details about the president’s finances and tax liability. For one, though he’s sold himself as a masterful businessman, many of his businesses operate at huge losses and he’s actually in staggering debt, much of which comes due in the next few years. A large portion of his income in the 21st century has come from his star turn on The Apprentice, though that too has dwindled of late.

Trump dismissed the reporting as “fake news.”

Perhaps most shockingly, the Times alleges that for 10 of the last 15 years, Trump paid nothing in federal income taxes by writing off his massive debts and losses. In both 2016 and 2017, the year he won the presidency and his first year in office, he paid a mere $750 in income taxes.


This final detail dropped jaws across the internet.

The Biden campaign wasted no time capitalizing on the shock and outrage. Within hours, Biden released an ad comparing average annual federal income taxes of working Americans with Trump’s $750 tax bill.

Teachers paid $7,239
Firefighters paid $5,283
Nurses paid $10,216

Donald Trump paid $750

— Team Joe (Text JOE to 30330) (@TeamJoe) September 28, 2020 Hide

It also began selling stickers for $7.50. “I paid more income taxes than Donald Trump,” the stickers read.

Inspired and appalled by Trump’s purported tax-dodging, people began donating amounts equivalent to his tax bill to the Biden campaign and urging others to do the same.


Former federal prosecutor Preet Bharara, whom Trump fired in 2017, appears to have been the first to call for a $750 donation to Biden in light of the revelations.

Preet Bharara/Twitter Hide

Others followed suit. Those who couldn’t afford $750 chipped in smaller symbolic amounts of $7.50 or $75.

“I couldn’t do $750 but I liked the sentiment and donated $7.50,” tweeted one.

Brian Bedol/Twitter Hide Veronica McDonald/Twitter Hide Martine #WearAMask, Andrew Weinstein, Vote Early/Vote Blue/Twitter Martine #WearAMask, Andrew Weinstein, Vote Early/Vote Blue/Twitter Hide Cindy/Twitter Hide Those were the Days/Twitter Those were the Days/Twitter Hide

Biden’s campaign has outraised Trump in the last several months. This latest surge of donations may further increase his fundraising lead.

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