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PRINCE Philip looked well this afternoon as he and the Queen were driven from Balmoral at the end of their summer break.

The pair headed back to Sandringham after cheerily waving farewell to a group of well-wishers.

7Prince Philip smiled and waved happily as he left Balmoral todayCredit: Northpix 7The Queen grinned and waved back at crowds who had gatheredCredit: Northpix 7Prince Philip leaves the car at Aberdeen airportCredit: Abermedia / Michal Wachucik 7The Queen wore sunglasses, a coat and a headscarf as she made her way to the planeCredit: Abermedia / Michal Wachucik

The Duke of Edinburgh, 99, smiled widely and waved back as he left the Scottish castle.

Her Majesty, in a headscarf and looking equally relaxed, gave the crowd a grin and a wave as they were driven by.

The Royal couple, who celebrate 70 years of marriage on Nov 20, then flew from Aberdeen Airport to Norfolk.

Other members of the Royal family are expected to stay on at the estate until the end of the month.

Prince Philip and the Queen are expected to stay at Sandringham for two weeks, before both returning to Windsor.

Philip wanted to stay at Sandringham but there are too few royal staff to create two bubbles 130-miles apart, insiders revealed.

The Covid pandemic has kept Her Maj, 94, from engagements since March.

But she will lead by example by ending her summer break early to work at Buckingham Palace from next month.

Insiders say she “fully intends” to lead the nation at Remembrance Day at the Cenotaph in London on November 8.


In lockdown she and Philip, 99, have been surrounded by a ring of protection called HMS Bubble.

She has missed Trooping the Colour, Palace garden parties and Maundy Thursday events.

But she has continued receiving government red boxes and holding weekly calls with the PM.

She briefly stepped out of isolation for a scaled-down birthday, to give a knighthood to Capt Sir Tom Moore, and to be a guest at Princess Beatrice’s wedding.

While on holiday in Scotland she was out riding most days, took walks to favourite spots and managed to see much of her close family while keeping socially distanced.

Balmoral Castle website said tourism will resume there, saying: "We are pleased to announce that Balmoral guided tours will start on 3rd October, 2020. Please visit our website for more details."

It costs the Queen an estimated £3m annually to run the 50,000 acre estate and castle and half of that comes from tourist revenue.

Usually they are open until the end of July when the Queen moves in to the castle at the beginning of August.

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Yesterday the Queen, Kate Middleton and Prince William wished Prince Harry a "very happy birthday" - but Meghan Markle was nowhere to be seen in the pictures they posted online.

The Duke of Sussex rang in his 36th birthday in Los Angeles after a whirlwind 12 months that has seen his life transformed.

Harry is now living in California with wife Meghan and son Archie after they made the sunshine state their home just before the coronavirus lockdown began in March.

And the Royal Family tweeted yesterday morning, writing: "Wishing The Duke of Sussex a very happy birthday!"

7The pair were being driven to the airport to fly back to NorfolkCredit: Northpix Prince Philip will join the Queen at Windsor Castle due to a lack of staff for two anti-Covid bubbles 7Yesterday the Queen wished her grandson Prince Harry happy birthdayCredit: Twitter The Queen owns a cheeky slogan cushion that reads ‘It’s good to be Queen’ - and she keeps it in her favourite chair at Balmoral, ITV doc reveals

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3 things that will make it easier for you to discuss taboo topics in your relationships, from sex to death to money

All couple conflicts come down to a lack of communication skills. Getty Images

  • According to renowned relationship therapist Esther Perel, people are taught certain topics are off-limits, or taboo, in their childhoods, and those taboos can stunt important adult relationship conversations.
  • If you (like many others) were taught that discussing money, sex, death, or another topic was shameful or inappropriate, ask yourself where that thinking came from and what would happen if you broke the taboo.
  • Start to have uncomfortable conversations about the taboo you wish to break, both with people who agree and disagree with you, Perel said.
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As a child or a teenager, you may have learned from adults in your life that it's inappropriate to discuss topics like sex, money, or death.

These taboos, or subject matters deemed unacceptable by a higher power, can follow you into adulthood and make it hard to broach certain difficult but important-to-discuss topics with a partner or loved one.

But there are things you can do to break through that mental barrier and have less fraught conversations, according to renowned relationship therapist Esther Perel.

The key is understanding where a taboo topic came from, Perel said in a September 16 YouTube livestream called "Are Taboos Holding Your Relationship Back?". Then, you can interrogate why you feel shame around that topic.

To break that taboo, push yourself to have uncomfortable conversations with people about them, to help you feel less controlled by them, Perel said.

Ask yourself: 'Where did this taboo come from?'

According to Perel, understanding to root of the taboo is the first step to broaching the topic in conversations with others.

She said taboos are often used to "create boundaries and group cohesion," especially societal taboos around incest and bestiality, because they help maintain a social order. But other taboos, like those around sexuality, money, and death, are often rooted in fear.

If, for example, your parents believe sex is only appropriate between two married people, that extramarital sex taboo could be rooted in a religious belief. And if your extended family refuses to discuss same-sex couples, there could be a longstanding taboo around homosexuality.

If you find yourself upset or disappointed that your family won't broach these topics, understanding why that is can help you break free from staying silent too, Perel said.

Then think: 'What would it mean if I broke this taboo?'

Saying you'll break a family-instated taboo is much easier said than done, but Perel said reflecting on why you want to put an off-limits topic on the table can help.

Breaking tradition isn't a bad thing, Perel said, but it can create a sense of dread because you're taught doing so is shameful or disappointing to another person.

She suggested asking yourself, "What would it say about me if I don't follow the rule, or break the taboo?"

This approach helps you see the bigger picture in your choice, rather than fixate on the initial reaction a family member might have to your decision.

Your parents might call you rude and disrespectful for asking when your father will write his will, because doing so acknowledges his mortality, Perel explained. But that doesn't mean you're a rude or disrespectful person.

Rather, it might mean you care about your family enough to discuss difficult topics that preserve their financial and emotional safety.

When you understand why breaking a taboo is important to you, you can feel less trapped by others' expectations and create your own boundaries, Perel said.

Have uncomfortable conversations, and surround yourself with people who speak freely about hard topics

Once you have a better understanding about why you want to break a relationship taboo, you can begin to do just that.

Perel said it's important to be patient with yourself throughout this process.

"It doesn't happen like that at once. You come closer, you question your values, you question your beliefs," she said during the livestream.

She said it's important to talk to your "inner child," and acknowledge their fears about breaking the taboo. Then, it's time to bring up the taboo with the people in your life who have avoided it.

"Don't try not to be uncomfortable. Just do it," and eventually it will be more comfortable, Perel said.

It's possible your parents or family member will react negatively. In those cases, Perel said to take an understanding approach.

Say you understand why they don't like your decision to break the taboo, but for you, it was the right choice.

According to Perel, this approach is better than shutting them down with a, "Trust me, I'm fine," because they'll likely take that to mean you aren't really OK.

You can also elaborate on why you found breaking the taboo to be the right choice for you, Perel said.

She said taboos act as moral compasses for every person, so getting to know which boundaries to push and which to keep in place will help you better understand yourself and the life you want to build.

Lastly, Perel suggested surrounding yourself with people who have broken the taboos you wish to break in your own life. Talking with these folks can inspire you to live authentically and offer more insight into why you'd like to break the taboo in the first place.

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