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A sculpture of first lady Melania Trump will replace the original wooden piece that was set on fire in Slovenia earlier in 2020.

The sculpture, commissioned by U.S. artist Brad Downey, is a bronze replica of the original, which was placed near Trump's hometown in Sevnica, Slovenia.

Downey, who also commissioned the original sculpture, said he hoped the statue would help foster a dialogue about Trump's status as an immigrant while being married to a president with strict immigration policies.

The sculpture was set on fire by unknown arsonists on July 4.

Downey said he believed the burning of the original sculpture was symbolic of "political tensions" in the United States and was done out of protest of President Trump, according to the Guardian.

The commissioner denied accusations that he had sanctioned the burning of the statue, saying he was not responsible for setting ablaze the piece himself and that he did not commission anyone else to do so.

The new figure, Downey said, is designed to be "as solid as possible," being made out of a durable material to avoid another potential destruction.

The original sculpture, which remains charred and blistered from the fire, went on show at an art gallery in the Slovenian beach resort of Koper earlier in September.

Police have yet to find the perpetrators who set the original sculpture on fire.

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Deroy Murdock: Senate should pass 'Ginsburg Amendment,' save the 9 seat Supreme Court

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Letters: Support Prop. 22 | No deception | Respect at stake | Defunding fallout | Giving Biden a shot | Disputing results

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Support workers,
vote no on Prop. 22

The article “Poll finds lukewarm support for Prop. 22” (Sept. 24) missed an important detail about the “gig” companies (Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Instacart) campaigning to roll back the law that requires employee benefits and protections.

Gig companies argue that treating their workers as employees is unaffordable. Yet these companies can never be profitable without removing the human element. Remember the hype about fleets of self-driving cars? Uber and Lyft were so eager to eliminate jobs they put their half-baked autonomous vehicles on the road before they were safe.

If Proposition 22 passes, my stock portfolio will benefit short term, and I’ll continue to enjoy the undeniable conveniences of chauffeured rides and restaurant delivery. Long term, the gig economy will exacerbate disparities in wealth, health and happiness in California. Support people, not profits.

Bud Miller

Trump’s push threatens
respect for judiciary

I am appalled at the disrespect with which the Trump/McConnell cabal has treated the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Even as she lays in repose they are rushing to replace her with someone who doesn’t share her philosophies. Then they imply one of her dying wishes stated to her granddaughter was manufactured by Democrats.

I already don’t respect two out of the three branches of our government. The third branch is about to fall off the tree into the morass.

Carol Heath
Pleasant Hill

Citizens should arm
if police are defunded

For years, liberals have pushed tighter “gun control” laws, insisting it isn’t necessary for ordinary families to have firearms “because police are nearby to protect you.” This year we are seeing many of the same liberals argue that police should be “defunded,” and some cities, such as Minneapolis, are already putting this into practice.

While it would be nice if there were on-call mental health services (the recent Walnut Creek case is a perfect example; parents calling 911 for a mentally ill son threatening family members ended in his death), until local politicians find room in their budgets for such programs, defunding police departments seems like a singularly bad idea.

Average citizens are seeing very clearly that if police departments are “defunded,” you’d better be prepared to defend yourself.

Mike Heller

Despite column’s argument,
giving Biden a shot

Preface, I am not a Republican or Democrat and read all the columns for balanced views. But Marc Thiessen’s column Sept. 24 (“Why electing Joe Biden will likely create a one-party state”) was a head-scratcher.

By inference, we are better off with the hypocrisy of another Trump/McConnell/Graham, et al., tenure to achieve bipartisanship? I have written Republican senators to urge them to wait until after the election to vote on the Supreme Court replacement, similar to 2016. Now that would be bipartisanship. But looks like that won’t happen. And sadly, I’m not shocked.

And no, Mr. Thiessen, I don’t want to “survive” another four years of ignoring, interfering and obfuscating by this administration. I am tired, and I don’t want to be tired anymore. We should be uniting behind a president, not surviving one. I’ll take my chances with Joe Biden.

Joe Carlucci

Trump’s simple reason
for disputing election

As related in an article posted in the East Bay Times today (“Trump: Won’t commit to a peaceful power transfer if loses,” Sept. 24), Donald Trump has warned that he may not accept the outcome of the Nov. 3 presidential election. Most polls show him losing with the trend not getting better.

The reason for not accepting is reasonably straightforward from where I stand. Donald Trump has a long history of questionable if not outright illegal activities both before he became president and continuing during the past three-plus years of his presidency. He has been protected from being held accountable while president, but this changes immediately once he leaves office.

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He is well aware he faces multiple civil and criminal investigations if he loses the election. He has obviously chosen to challenge any outcome that does not show him to be the winner.

To assure he finally faces accountability we all need to vote this November.

Fredrick Ford
Walnut Creek

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