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Our 30 favorite fictional schools

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Full screen 1/31 SLIDES © Getty Images Our 30 favorite fictional schools

Whether it be on television or the big screen. Elementary school, high school or college, Hollywood has taken us inside the halls ti some of the most famous fake institutions of learning.

Many that we would actually want to attend for various reasons. Mostly because we get the chance to hang with the memorable characters associated with these schools. 

Here's our ranking of the 30 greatest fictional schools of all time.

2/31 SLIDES © Getty Images 30. UC Sunnydale ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer")

Though we presume the school is no longer in existence following the Hellmouth battle, there was obviously more to UC Sunnydale than what was on the surface. Yes, it had nice dorms and a popular fraternity and sorority system but also a government agency focused on researching demonic activity located underground. It had a cool coffee shop: The Grotto.

3/31 SLIDES © Getty Images 29. Hudson University ("Law and Order" franchise)

There should be a warning to students considering Hudson as their college choice: DON'T GO! That's because the annual body count and crime incidents are probably each higher than the job placement rate. The detectives from the original recipe "Law & Order," "Law & Order" Special Victims Unit" and "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" often visit looking for witnesses and/or suspects to various crimes on and off campus.

4/31 SLIDES © Getty Images 28. Dillon High School ("Friday Night Lights")

The importance of high school football in the state of Texas is right up there with breathing. That's certainly the case at Dillon. Guided by coach Eric Taylor, the Panthers won a state championship in 2006. Though Dillon (later known as West Dillon High) is a rather well-to-do school with plenty of resources for students, and especially football players, life is not always easy. Just ask former gridiron stars Tim Riggins and Matt Saracen.

Slideshow continues on the next slide 5/31 SLIDES © Getty Images 27. Capeside High School ("Dawson's Creek")

Capeside High was a rather interesting place. For one, we know the football team was not good, but the communications and visual arts program seemed pretty decent. Like any high school, popularity and fitting in were at the forefront of the everyday experience. But Dawson, Pacey and Joey, then Jen, were close enough that they managed to successfully survive those high school trials and tribulations.

6/31 SLIDES © Getty Images 26. Grand Lakes University ("Back to School")

Judging by the bulky coats we see some of the students wearing, Grand Lakes probably sits in the Midwest (campus scenes were filmed at the University of Wisconsin), which makes one wonder why it would have an outdoor diving team. Doesn't matter. Grand Lakes is fortunate to have rich alum like Thornton Melon, who donates tons of money to the school, throws great dorm parties and is the only person on the planet who can nail the "Triple Lindy."

7/31 SLIDES © Getty Images 25. John Adams High School ("Boy Meets World")

Cory and Shawn just could not get away from Mr. Feeny, who eventually became the principal of the high school. One of the coolest aspects of the Adams High experience is the kinds of characters who make up the student body. From nerdy types like Stuart Minkus to bully Harley Keiner to toadies Frankie and Joey "The Rat," it's quite the melting pot of stereotypes.

8/31 SLIDES © Getty Images 24. McKinley High School ("Freaks and Geeks")

Though we're not sure what this Detroit area school is like today, we know that back in the early 1980s it was a real melting pot of student culture. From the burnouts to jocks to the newcomers uncomfortable with their adolescent state, there might not have been a more accurate portrayal of high school life at the time than what was going on at the fictional McKinley High.

9/31 SLIDES © Getty Images 23. West Canaan High School ("Varsity Blues")

Any boy who attends West Canaan and doesn't play football probably won't fit in. Then again, the last time we heard from the Texas high school football powerhouse, legendary Coach Bud Kilmer was on the outs. Still, we find it quite interesting that there are so many pretty people attending a small-town high school, and that a teacher who moonlights as a stripper can still keep her job.

Slideshow continues on the next slide 10/31 SLIDES © Getty Images 22. North Shore High School ("Mean Girls")

Being the new kid in high school can be rough, especially at one that features so many social groups and cliques. Of course, to those teenage girls at a social crossroads, it's wise to avoid The Plastics, or their farm team known as the Junior Plastics. Instead, maybe join the lacrosse team or Mathletes. As students will learn, there's usually something for everyone.

11/31 SLIDES © Getty Images 21. Harrison University ("Old School")

Harrison is an interesting place that is both inviting and controversial. While there have been moments of corruptness within the school's administration, its fraternal system is rather liberal in its membership policy. One doesn't even have to be a student to join or have a good time. We're certain that "Frank The Tank" is still hanging out on campus. 

12/31 SLIDES © Getty Images 20. South Park Elementary ("South Park")

South Park Elementary has seen quite a bit of everything over the years, including rising from the ashes after being burned to the ground. It's a haven for the misadventures of Kyle, Stan, Kenny and Cartman. And also known for its renowned, or rather incompetent, faculty and staff, who over the years featured Mr. Garrison, Mr. Garrett and the late Chef.

13/31 SLIDES © Getty Images 19. Greendale Community College ("Community")

This somewhat respected community college in the Denver area is proud to call veteran character actor Luis Guzman an alum. But Greendale's goal is to bring out the best in its students and give them a purpose in life, no matter how old (Pierce Hawthorne). It also prides itself on a mission statement known as "The Straight A's:" Accessibility, Affordability, Air Conditioning, Awesome New Friends, A Lot of Classes.

14/31 SLIDES © Getty Images 18. California University ("Beverly Hills, 90210")

Not to be confused with the same California University, presumably located in the Bay Area, that the kids from Bayside High attended, this CU is located in Southern California. It publishes an award-winning newspaper in which Brandon Walsh spent time working on, and it offers a pretty serious Greek system. Of course, the teachers tend to get too involved with their students, and the drama program can be massively cutthroat. 

Slideshow continues on the next slide 15/31 SLIDES © Getty Images 17. Rushmore Academy ("Rushmore")

This prestigious prep academy in Houston aims to offer a well-rounded, enriched experience for all students. In addition to its rigorous academic standards, Rushmore offers such extracurricular activities as French Club, Stamp & Coin Club, Kung Fu Club, the Astronomy Society, Fencing, Bombardment Society, Kite Flying Society and the Rushmore Beekeepers.  

16/31 SLIDES © Getty Images 16. Bronson Alcott High School ("Clueless")

For as trendy and well-off the students at Beverly Hills' Bronson Alcott High may seem on the surface, most are quite friendly and welcoming to new students. Though a vast majority of the student body is from the United States, a creative language unique to the school surfaced in the mid 1990s. Terms include "I'm Audi" (to leave), "Baldwin (handsome male) or "Jeepin'" (cheating on a significant other).

17/31 SLIDES © Getty Images 15. James Buchanan High School ("Welcome Back, Kotter")

It's the home of the underdogs, or in this case "Sweathogs." Even the academic underachiever has a place in this Brooklyn high school. Students should be lucky to have a teacher like Mr. Kotter, who is always there for them while trying to get the best from each and every one in and out of the classroom. Just don't try to use a note from your mother to get out of homework assignments.

18/31 SLIDES © Getty Images 14. Hillman College ("A Different World")

Arguably the most respected historically black college in television history, the Virginia-based institution is known for its stellar Liberal Arts and Science department and vibrant student life that includes the popular Greek system and the heavily frequented gathering spot, The Pit. And not to mention, but it's apparently pretty easy to make the baseball team — somehow funny man Dwayne Wayne did.

19/31 SLIDES © Getty Images 13. McKinley High School ("Glee")

Not to be confused with the aforementioned McKinley High from outside Detroit, this one is located in Lima, Ohio. Though once known for its athletics program and cheerleading squad, McKinley has become most renowned for its uber-successful glee club, resurrected by Spanish teacher Will Schuester. Now, like any high school, fitting in can be tough, but if you're able to crank out a quality version of "Don't Stop Believin," then life is good.

20/31 SLIDES © Getty Images 12. Adams College ("Revenge of the Nerds" films)

Back in the day (aka the early '80s), Adams was known for having a top-tier football team and the best computer department in the country. It also had one of the most active fraternity and sorority Greek systems in the nation. In fact, students who did not fit into one could just form their own. The annual Homecoming week of events that includes tricycle riding while drunk, a belching contest and talent show are truly spectacular. 

21/31 SLIDES © Getty Images 11. Springfield Elementary School ("The Simpsons")

This would be a great school if not for the incompetent people running it. While the physical structure is a joke and the student body is less than motivated, unless we are talking about Bart Simpson having a good time, it's the faculty and staff who continue to be the problem. From principal Mr. Seymour Skinner to late resident lush Mrs. Krabappel, the apathy evident is not what we want from the educational system — however, still quite hilarious.

22/31 SLIDES © Getty Images 10. Westerburg High School ("Heathers")

Located in Sherwood, Ohio, Westerburg was one of the toughest fictional schools in America to make it socially — unless, of course, your name is Heather or Veronica. Before violence in schools unfortunately became an all-too common occurrence, Hollywood offered this edgy late 1980s take on high school. It's a dark comedy with a social commentary on what goes on in the often conflicted and traditionally unsure minds of teenagers, no matter their social standing. While the movie is brilliant on several levels, it probably could not be made today. 

23/31 SLIDES © Getty Images 9. Ridgemont High School ("Fast Times at Ridgemont High")

Back in the early 1980s, Ridgemont High School had it all: promiscuity, no-nonsense teachers like Mr. Hand, stoners, jocks and even an in-house ticket broker. What more can any student ask from a high school experience? High school can be tough, it's good to know that there are plenty of people along the way to help — or at least make it interesting.

24/31 SLIDES © Getty Images 8. Shermer High School ("Breakfast Club")

The one great thing about Shermer High in north suburban Chicago, aside from its large library, is the fact that students of different backgrounds or interests can become friends. Though, it's probably easier to do so after spending a Saturday together in detention. Whether a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess or a criminal, everyone can really get along.

25/31 SLIDES © Getty Images 7. Padua High School ("10 Things I Hate About You")

From a scenic standpoint, Padua High School (aka Stadium High, Tacoma, Washington) is tough to beat. Inside the halls of this massive institution, beauty tends to be in the eye of the beholder. Whether into pretty boys like Joey Donner, misunderstood rebels such as Patrick Verona or even the shrew-like Kat Stratford, there's someone for everybody at this Shakespearean-influenced high school. 

26/31 SLIDES © Getty Images 6. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry ("Harry Potter" films)

Located in the Scottish Highlands, this is where budding wizards go to learn and blaze a path to making their magical dreams come true. Those fortunate to possess magical abilities are pre-accepted to the school at birth. The curriculum is rigorous, and the pressure to succeed is quite intense. The school's motto is Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus, translated, "Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon."      

27/31 SLIDES © Getty Images 5. Degrassi Community Schools ("Degrassi" series)

Whether attending the classic Degrassi Junior High or the middle/high school, Degrassi Community School, a good chunk of Americans probably begged their parents to move across the board to Toronto, Ontario, Canada to be part of this famed fictional school district. Degrassi had it all: popularity issues, local rock stars, underage substance abuse, teen pregnancy and even death. Now that's a real smorgasbord of social activity.  

28/31 SLIDES © Getty Images 4. Bayside High School ("Saved By The Bell")

While we can't forget Bayside Junior High and the friendly Miss Bliss, Bayside High is one of the most recognizable schools in all of fictional television. Mr. Belding might run the school, but Bayside belongs to the students. There will never be a more conniving, scheming student than Zack Morris or a better athlete than A.C. Slater. And how many schools teach driver's education in the classroom with a golf cart?

29/31 SLIDES © Getty Images 3. West Beverly High School ("Beverly Hills, 90210")

In the world of television reality, good ol' West Bev was kind of like most high schools despite being saddled with a famous zip code. The staff was relatively friendly (Mrs. Teasley really loved her students, but Gil Meyers might have been a little too chummy), and of course the school board was firm, especially with students caught drinking at prom. It also published the greatest student newspaper (The Blaze) in the history of television. 

30/31 SLIDES © Getty Images 2. Rydell High School ("Grease")

Try to find a cooler school on television or in the movies than Rydell High? Back in the late 1950s, it was the stomping ground for the T-Birds and Pink Ladies, two of the most popular cliques in all of cinematic history. Rydell had a decent athletic program back in the day, but who knew there was so much untapped singing and dancing talent from the student body walking those hallowed halls?

31/31 SLIDES © Getty Images 1. Faber College ("Animal House")

In the words of the great genius and school founder Emil Faber, "Knowledge is Good." And that's essentially true at Faber. Just stay away from its Greek system. At least that's what it was like back in the late 1970s. The Omegas were the stuffy, wannabe future leaders of the world, but the real fun used to be at the slacker Delta house, the latter known for its wild and raucous toga party.  

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J.A. Happ Yankees secret weapon for postseason

As nation surpasses 200,000 deaths, Trump keeps downplaying coronavirus McDonalds customers are furious over the loss of All Day Breakfast, but workers and franchisees are pushing for it to disappear forever J.A. Happ Yankees secret weapon for postseason

The New York Yankees have clinched an MLB playoff spot, and they’ll spend the final week of the regular season making decisions on the final roster for the postseason.

© Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports J.A. Happ has been incredibly hot of late and has turned into one of the most reliable pitchers on the Yankees

Most of the New York Yankees’ roster is decided. Since they’ve been cruising of late after some initial struggles during the shortened season, there are not going to be many changes.

The biggest decision lies in the rotation. We already know that Gerrit Cole will start Game 1 and Masahiro Tanaka will start Game 2. It’s pretty much an open question after that. While it has not officially been announced, what seemed crazy a few weeks ago could become a reality.

© Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports J.A. Happ has been incredibly hot of late and has turned into one of the most reliable pitchers on the Yankees Happ earns spot on Yanks' postseason roster

Happ, 37, has been incredibly hot of late and has turned into one of the most reliable pitchers on the Yankees. Since Aug. 16, he’s pitching to the tune of a 1.93 ERA with 36 strikeouts and just five walks. For comparison’s sake, Cole has turned in a 3.19 ERA while Tanaka has a 3.62 ERA during the same span.

Many fans had been clamoring for rookie sensation Deivi Garcia to get the nod for a potential Game 3. While the 21-year-old will be a valuable part of the pitching staff, asking a pitcher with five games of experience to start in a deciding game seems a bit much. Garcia will also likely eventually get his turn, potentially lining up for two starts, one in the ALDS, if necessary, and one in the ALCS. He could serve as a key bullpen piece in the wild-card round, too. In fact, Garcia could be a killer two- or three-inning bridge should one of the starters get into pitch-count trouble.

Happ playoff stats 

Happ has a mixed postseason record with the Yankees. He was a complete disaster in 2018 and was surprisingly good in limited action last year. However, it is his record of late that should have Yankees fans excited. If you were to guess that Happ is the only Yankees starter to go past the seventh inning this season, you’d be correct.

All of his peripheral stats suggest that his resurgence is real. Happ is second behind Cole in most categories among Yankees starters. That includes WHIP (1.060), hits per nine innings (6.9) and ERA+ (132). Even though Happ's FIP is slightly on the higher side (4.36), his opponent runs per nine innings is actually lower than what we have seen from Cole.

Ideally, Happ will not pitch in the wild-card series. This would mean that the Yankees sweep and a Game 3 is not needed. But because there are no off-days between the wild card and ALDS, Happ would be a perfect candidate to start Game 1 of the latter series.

Potential New York Yankees playoff rotation
  • Game 1, Wild Card: Cole
  • Game 2, Wild Card: Tanaka
  • Game 1, ALDS: Happ
  • Game 2, ALDS: Cole
  • Game 3: ALDS: Tanaka
  • Game 4, ALDS: Garcia
  • Game 5, ALDS Cole (on short rest)
  • Game 1, ALCS: Tanaka
  • Game 2, ALCS: Happ
  • Game 3, ALCS: Cole
  • Game 4, ALCS: Garcia
  • Game 5, ALCS: Tanaka
  • Game 6, ALCS: Happ
  • Game 7, ALCS: Cole

Obviously, some of this will depend on the situation, and it remains possible that Happ will be needed for a decisive Game 3 in the wild-card round. But this potential plan shows the value of using Happ as the de-facto third starter. For one, he’s equally capable of pitching in a must-win Game 3 or starting the series off right in a Game 1 in the ALDS. It also allows Cole to start decisive games in the ALDS and ALCS, which is why the Yanks brought the righty to the Bronx in the first place.

Happ has had an inconsistent Yankees tenure. He was dynamite after being acquired in 2018 before flaming out in the playoffs. He was pretty miserable in 2019.

And while it doesn’t appear he’ll qualify for the automatic vesting option for 2021, he’s sufficiently rebounded that Yankees fans can live with his tenure in the Bronx.

So this looks to be the final run for Happ with the Yankees, who will turn 38 in the middle of October. But if he delivers on his postseason role and continues his hot pitching, it’ll be well worth it.

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Full screen 1/31 SLIDES © Bettmann/Getty Images Who has the most home runs in a season for every MLB franchise? Has the home run been diminished by the fact the ball seems to fly out of the park these days? Perhaps a little, but we still love the long ball. We know who has the greatest home run seasons in MLB history, but every franchise has a single-season record for homers as well. That’s just math. Who is the slugger with the most dingers in a year for every team? Here they are, in alphabetical order based on team city. 2/31 SLIDES © Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images Arizona Diamondbacks: Luis Gonzalez 2001 was a magical year for the Diamondbacks. Not only did they win the World Series over the Yankees, but Gonzalez also had a career season. Shockingly, the 33-year-old hit 57 homers after never hitting more than 31 in any of his other campaigns. Of course since this was 2001, some are skeptical in hindsight. We’re not here to pass judgment. 3/31 SLIDES © Brian Bahr/Getty Images Atlanta Braves: Andruw Jones Jones should be a Hall of Famer. He made his MLB debut as a teenager and quickly became the best center fielder in baseball. Eventually he would bulk up a bit and become a slugger as well. Jones hit 51 homers in 2005. When you can do that one year and win a Gold Glove the next, you should be knocking on the door of Cooperstown. 4/31 SLIDES © Will Newton/Getty Images Baltimore Orioles: Chris Davis How quickly things can change. In 2013, Davis hit 53 homers to lead the majors. He did it again with 47 in 2015. Now? He’s arguably the worst hitter in baseball. Davis batted a combined .172 between the 2018 and 2019 seasons, and even set a record for consecutive at-bats without a hit. Slideshow continues on the next slide 5/31 SLIDES © Ron Vesely/MLB via Getty Images Boston Red Sox: David Ortiz There’s a reason Big Papi is loved in Boston. After the Twins gave up on him, the Red Sox picked up Ortiz, and he turned himself into maybe the best designated hitter in baseball history (give or take an Edgar Martinez). His peak came in 2006 when he hit 54 homers to lead the American League. Unsurprisingly, he also led the league in RBI that year. 6/31 SLIDES © Focus on Sport/Getty Images Chicago Cubs: Sammy Sosa Oh, to put up 66 homers in a season and be an afterthought. That’s what happened to Sosa in 1998. Only two men have ever hit more home runs than Sosa in a year, but one of those guys did it the same year the Cubs slugger hit his 66 jacks. Well, at least he still has the single-season record for a storied franchise. 7/31 SLIDES © Focus on Sport/Getty Images Chicago White Sox: Albert Belle We get to the first team without a 50-homer season in its history. Pick up the slack, White Sox! Funnily enough, it was also 1998 when Belle set the "other" Chicago team’s franchise record. He couldn’t quite hit 66 homers though, settling for “only” 49. 8/31 SLIDES © Focus on Sport/Getty Images Cincinnati Reds: George Foster Who? You may not recognize the name, on account of the fact he isn’t a particularly famous player and also because he retired in 1986. It was in 1977 that Foster not only hit 52 home runs but also won the NL MVP. Alas, he was overshadowed by a few of his teammates on Cincinnati’s Big Red Machine. 9/31 SLIDES © Focus on Sport/Getty Images Cleveland Indians: Jim Thome Thome had a reputation for being “country strong.” Maybe that’s because he wasn’t cut or muscular but instead seemed like a big slab of man. Despite not being the pinnacle of fitness, you can’t deny the power in Thome’s bat. He racked up a ton of homers in his career, including 52 in 2002. Slideshow continues on the next slide 10/31 SLIDES © Rich Pilling/MLB via Getty Images Colorado Rockies: Larry Walker and Todd Helton Yes, we have a tie in Colorado. In fact, it’s the only tie among MLB’s 30 franchises. Walker hit 49 homers in 1997. Helton did it in 2001. Yes, despite the thin air at Coors Field, no Rockie has a 50-homer season. 11/31 SLIDES © Mark Rucker/Transcendental Graphics, Getty Images Detroit Tigers: Hank Greenberg We’re kicking it old-school here! Greenberg was a slugger at a time when guys who could mash the ball were few and far between. The Hall of Famer had a somewhat brief career, as he missed three seasons for military service. However, he still managed to lead the American League in homers four times, including in 1938 when he hit a whopping 58. That’s a ton even now. 12/31 SLIDES © Ronald Martinez/Getty Images Houston Astros: Jeff Bagwell Apparently sign stealing didn’t help any Astros set a new franchise record for homers. Instead, famed Houston slugger Bagwell, forever remembered for his funky stance, has held the record since way back in 2000. He hit 47 dingers in the heyday of the “Killer B’s.” 13/31 SLIDES © Denny Medley/USA TODAY Sports Kansas City Royals: Jorge Soler Soler was considered one of the best prospects in baseball out of Cuba, but he couldn't stay healthy with the Cubs. Prior to 2019, he had never played more than 101 games in a season. In 2019, he played a full 162 game season and hit 48 homers. 14/31 SLIDES © Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images Los Angeles Angels: Troy Glaus Nope, it’s not Mike Trout. It isn’t even Vlad Guerrero. Instead, it’s the largely forgotten Glaus who has the record for the Angels. In 2000 Glaus smacked 47 homers for Anaheim. Given the era, some may view that with skepticism. Well we have news for you. A lot of these records were set between 1998 and 2002. Slideshow continues on the next slide 15/31 SLIDES © Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images Los Angeles Dodgers: Shawn Green So many great players have worn Dodger blue, but it’s Green who hit more homers in a season than any of them. Not that Green was a slouch as a player. He had a solid career, but he made only two All-Star Games. Weirdly that doesn’t include 2001 when he set a Dodgers record with 49 homers. 16/31 SLIDES © Steve Mitchell/USA TODAY Sports Miami Marlins: Giancarlo Stanton So many great players have spent parts of their careers in Miami, but they all end up moving on. Stanton is one of them. He hit 59 homers in 2017 and won the NL MVP. That offseason he was traded to the Yankees. And they wonder why there are attendance problems in Miami. 17/31 SLIDES © Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images Milwaukee Brewers: Prince Fielder His father, Cecil, was quite the slugger, but Prince may have been even better at his peak. In only his second full season in the league, 2007, Fielder hit 50 homers, which ended up being a personal best. Unfortunately injuries ended Prince’s career early, as he last played in the majors when he was only 32. 18/31 SLIDES © Focus on Sport via Getty Images Minnesota Twins: Harmon Killebrew The Twins set a new record for most home runs as a team in 2019, but no individual player hit more than Killebrew. The man rumored to be the source of the silhouette in the MLB logo was a tremendous slugger, leading the AL in homers six times. He hit 49 home runs twice in his career, so he in a way is tied with himself for the record in Minnesota. Killebrew did it the first time in 1964 and then again in 1969. 19/31 SLIDES © Brad Penner/USA TODAY Sports New York Mets: Pete Alonso You know in what season this happened. After all, Alonso was a rookie in 2019. Yes, he stepped into the majors and immediately hit 53 homers. Naturally, he won Rookie of the Year. He hit more homers than any other rookie in baseball history. Of course he did. 20/31 SLIDES © Focus on Sport/Getty Images New York Yankees: Roger Maris While Maris’ 61 homers have been passed a few times now, his 1961 season is still the stuff of legend. For years, Babe Ruth, a fellow Yankee, had the record with 60 homers. Then, Maris bested it to set a new major league record. Since he played in more games, though, some wanted to put an asterisk on Maris’ 61 homers. Then there are those who still say he has the record, but we aren’t going to debate. 21/31 SLIDES © MLB via Getty Images Oakland Athletics: Jimmie Foxx This is the oldest season on the list. In fact, it was so long ago the Athletics were still in Philadelphia. Foxx was one of the original true sluggers in baseball. When he hit 58 homers for the A’s in 1932, it was almost unheard of at the time. Heck, it’s still almost unheard of. 22/31 SLIDES © Scott Kane/Getty Images Philadelphia Phillies: Ryan Howard From Philly’s old team to the current one. Howard’s one skill was slugging, but he could do that with aplomb at his peak. He was certainly at the prime of his powers in 2006 when he hit a whopping 58 dingers. Yes, that’s the same number Foxx hit in the same city over 70 years prior. Maybe it’s a Philadelphia thing. 23/31 SLIDES © Sporting News via Getty Images via Getty Images Pittsburgh Pirates: Ralph Kiner Kiner made the Hall of Fame despite playing in only 10 seasons. He got a lot of bang for his buck though. Kiner led the National League in home runs seven straight seasons to start his career. That includes the 1949 campaign when he went yard 54 times. 24/31 SLIDES © Otto Greule Jr./Allsport San Diego Padres: Greg Vaughn This was before the Padres moved to the spacious confines of Petco Park, which has suppressed homers quite a bit. Vaughn is one of the lesser-known names on this list, as he bounced around the majors and never led the league in homers. Vaughn did hit 50 homers in 1998, though. Of course, that year he wasn’t close to sniffing the lead in the NL. 25/31 SLIDES © Doug Pensinger/Allsport Seattle Mariners: Ken Griffey Jr. There are complicated feelings about Alex Rodriguez, and maybe even Randy Johnson, in Seattle. That doesn’t feel like it’s the case with Griffey. The Kid made himself a star in Seattle before heading to Cincinnati where his father played. Griffey hit 56 homers in back-to-back campaigns, first in 1997 and then again in 1998. That first year he also led the majors in RBI, which helped him win his only MVP. 26/31 SLIDES © Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images San Francisco Giants: Barry Bonds Remember this guy? We’re sure you do. Bonds is one of the most polarizing players ever, and to some, he’s the face of the steroid era. Say what you will, but the man was an incredible hitter. In addition to having the most career home runs in MLB history, he also had the best individual season ever. In 2001, he hit a staggering 73 homers. Nobody is ever going to do that again. 27/31 SLIDES © Bill Stover/MLB Photos via Getty Images St. Louis Cardinals: Mark McGwire That 1998 season? The one where Greg Vaughn hit 50 and Sammy Sosa hit 66? In the end, that year belonged to Big Mac. He and Sosa were racing to beat Maris’ record. They both did it, but in the end McGwire got the upper hand. He was the first player to ever hit 70 home runs in a season and one of only two guys to do it. 28/31 SLIDES © Mike Stobe/Getty Images Tampa Bay Rays: Carlos Pena The Rays and the Diamondbacks are the two most recent teams to join the majors. Arizona has that one crazy season from Luis Gonzalez. Tampa doesn’t have that. Pena set the franchise mark in 2007 with 46 homers. That’s tied with the fewest homers to be a team record. 29/31 SLIDES © Brian Bahr/Getty Images Texas Rangers: Alex Rodriguez Rodriguez got a lot of guff when he left the Mariners to join the Rangers. Signing a truly insane contract didn’t help. People wanted him to fail. He didn’t win a ring in Texas, but you can’t blame Rodriguez for that. A-Rod won the MVP in his final season with the Rangers, but it’s the year before, 2002, when he hit 57 homers. 30/31 SLIDES © Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images Toronto Blue Jays: Jose Bautista It took a while for Bautista to get his career going. Heading into 2010, he had 59 home runs in his career. Joey Bats was 29 and seemed like a journeyman. Then suddenly, he exploded for 54 homers. It wasn’t a total fluke either, and more a sign of him being a late bloomer. Bautista made six All-Star Games in a row and added two more 40-homer seasons in his career. 31/31 SLIDES © Mitchell Layton/Getty Images Washington Nationals: Alfonso Soriano This includes when the Nationals were known as the Expos, but evidently none of Montreal’s sluggers ever hit that many homers. After all, Soriano’s record, which he set in 2006, is only 46. That means he is the guy tied with Pena for the most meager home run record. How long will the record be safe? Well, now that Bryce Harper and Anthony Rendon are gone, it may be a bit safer. 31/31 SLIDES

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