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Dogs, just like people, can suffer from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Surprised? Well it’s more common than we think. If humans affected by these disorders can wash their hands countless times a day for fear of catching a virus or insistently check if they have left the tap on, the light on or the door locked, our furry can chasing their tail in an abnormal way, being anxious thinking only about going to the park so that we can throw the ball at them or sucking uncontrollably their favorite toy and their own skin.

No, this is not normal and if you observe it in your pet you should take it to the veterinarian for you to examine.

In the specific case of dogs that obsessively chase their tails, there are similarities with the behavior of people with OCD:

– Both begin to show these behaviors at an early age.

– They tend to carry out more than one compulsive activity.

– OCD in people is related to traumatic and stressful situations that occurred in childhood. In the case of the furry, it has been observed that the tail is chased more frequently dogs that have been separated too soon from their mothers.

– Many humans with OCD are shy and have inhibited behaviors, the same thing happens with canids that pursue their tail.

Does your dog get enough exercise?

We repeat that in the face of any abnormal behavior of the pet, the first thing to do is go to the veterinary clinic. That said, there are certain tips that we can start to carry out now with the approval of the expert.

Be honest, does your dog go outside enough to expend his energy and vent outside the home? It happens that although dogs have been designed to move much more than they do, today they are more sedentary than they should. Strolling with him longer, taking him for a run if you’re a runner, practicing agility and playing, and offering him interactive toys can help with compulsive behaviors.

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Colorado Veteran Describes Dog Being Taken At Gunpoint

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – A 61-year-old Army veteran is hoping he can get some help to find his four-legged friend. Obreroro Stinnett has been looking for his 12-week-old lab boxer mix, Beau Jr. since he was stolen at gunpoint a few weeks ago.

Stinnett told CBS4 they were on a walk, when Beau stopped to rest by 17th Avenue and Joliet Street.

(credit: CBS)

“And three people pulled up in a dark gray SUV and the backseat person pulled out a shotgun,” Stinnett recalled.

Stinnett thought he was about to get robbed.

“Well, first he said his daughter wanted a puppy, and I was like okay. And then he said ‘Can I just pet your puppy?'” Stinnett said.

(credit: Obreroro Stinnett)

He said he tried to remain calm and back away.

“And he pulled the shotgun out again and threatened to take it, and he took my dog from me. I had to let the leash go because they were about to drag me down the street,” Stinnett said.

Aurora police confirmed they are investigating the report from Aug. 15.

“It was like a son to me, that’s why I called him BJ, Beau Jr.”

The Army veteran has been through some tough situations.

“We were over in Tehran, Iran before they captured the 50 hostages so we’ve been through terrorists.”

(credit: CBS)

This time, he’s not sure if there’s a chance he’ll ever see his companion ever again.

“I pray to God I get my puppy back.”

Aurora police tells CBS4 a person connected with this case has been located, he is already in jail on a separate crime. It’s unclear at this time if this may be related to the couple who had their dog stolen at gunpoint in Denver last week.

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