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YouTube Dr. Andrea Natale.

Dr. Andrea Natale apologized for a viral tweet he sent in which he said his daughter filmed herself and her boyfriend being “attacked by a group of BLM.” After police records showed he was wrong, Natale according to Buzzfeed News.

Natale took the tweet down, then apologized and deleted his Twitter account two days after the incident.

 Natale said, “I sincerely apologize for a tweet I posted this weekend. I was worried about my daughter, and I jumped to a conclusion based on the information I had at the time,” according to BuzzFeed.

Here’s what you need to know:

Natale Is a World-Renowned Cardiologist

Dr. Andrea Natale – Texas Cardiac ArrhythmiaDr. Andrea Natale is an interventional electrophysiologist at Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia. For more information, please visit

According to his webpage, Natale is a clinical cardiac electrophysiologist and the “executive medical director at Texas’ Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute at St. David’s Medical Center.”

Natale is a specialist in cardiac atrial fibrillation, a condition that causes an irregular and rapid heart rate that can lead to blood clots, heart failure as well as other conditions, according to the Mayo Clinic. He was on the Food and Drug Administration’s task force on atrial fibrillation, lectures around the world and is the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Atrial Fibrillation, the site said.

The site reported that Natale is a “pioneer” of assisting atrial fibrillation and performed the first five procedures in the world to correct it. The site also says, “his goal is to benefit patient care through technologies such as robotic devices and specialized ablation catheters.”

Natale Said His Daughter Was Attacked & Her Boyfriend Was Beaten by Members of Black Lives Matter

idk I just feel like when doctors like Andrea Natale post blatantly false, racist things like this, it should be reported to the Texas Medical Board and to the @tcainstitute but that’s just me ????????‍♀️

— Annie ???? (@Annie_Devine) September 15, 2020

Baltimore local reported that Natale released a tweet which went viral about how Black Live Matters protesters beat up his daughter’s boyfriend and damaged their car leaving her terrified.

Here is his original post, which is no longer available:

My daughter called in tears. She was driving w her boyfriend in Baltimore & their car was attacked by a group of BLM. It was damaged & her BF was beaten. She filmed it & called the police but they cannot do anything bc they are African American. Is this the America we want?

According to BuzzFeed, Natale was quite assured of his daughter’s story, telling someone who questioned his story, “I trust my daughter and do not need to see a stupid video. You are all delusional. I talked to her right after this happened and she was crying and visibly shaken and full of dear. This is enough for me. Again this is not about politics, but just about criminals.”

His original tweet, according to the Baltimore Sun, received almost 50,000 retweets and likes.

Natale Has Since Apologized for Being Wrong

Destruction of Property – September 13, 20202020-09-15T22:45:40Z

The story fell apart when a Twitter user posted audio of the dispatch call that his daughter made showing that the story Natale told about her “attack” was not true, Buzzfeed reported.

Body camera footage published in the Baltimore Sun shows that his daughter and her boyfriend told a police officer that three squeegee washers surrounded the boyfriend after he said he didn’t want the windshield washed. When he told them he had a knife, one of the squeegee washers responded that he also had a knife. Then, the squeegee washers started throwing rocks.

The boyfriend also said the “squeegee kids” didn’t touch them — “There wasn’t any physical touching on me or them” — but caused damage to their car mirror. The police officer told them he would try to locate the boy who damaged his car but that the city doesn’t want them going after “squeegee boys.” Instead, he told them to reach out to City Hall.

Following the release of the tape as well as the Baltimore Sun story published Tuesday, Natale apologized and through a representative, told Buzzfeed that he was sorry:

I sincerely apologize for a tweet I posted this weekend. I was worried about my daughter, and I jumped to a conclusion based on the information I had at the time. I’ve dedicated my entire professional career to healing people from all backgrounds, and I regret that my words were misinterpreted and created hurt and pain. It was not my intention.

According to BuzzFeed, Natale deleted his tweet and his Twitter account and his daughter eliminated a number of her social media accounts as well.

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Black Americans band together and demonstrate against BLM — and what they say could change the narrative

A viral video is making the rounds across the internet, featuring black anti-Black Lives Matter protesters in various stages of discussion about the movement, what it means to be black in America, and what "black lives matter" really means as a concept.

At the time of this reporting, the video — published on the Daily Wire's Facebook page — has been shared more than 4,000 times.

What are the details?

The video begins with one man passionately speaking out against the Black Lives Matter movement.

Here are some of his key quotes:

  • "They're full of hate. Nobody listen to them. Don't listen to them. Don't try to understand them. Why? They are full of hate. You don't need it. America don't need it."
  • "In a black neighborhood, black-on-black crime is real. ... White people aren't doing anything to them."
  • "White people voted Barack Obama in for eight years. ... Everything that the blacks could be crying about should have did it on his watch. And they didn't."
  • "I'm black, 52, I'm not oppressed. Ain't nobody oppressing me. America's more free than it's ever been."
  • "Some little young, 19-year-old black person. 'They been through this.' They ain't been through nothing. They're creating it! They're creating a problem that does not exist like they're talking about!"
  • "They don't know who they're mad at. Remember, this started with George Floyd. It went from George Floyd to now, it became the white people. Then it went from the white people, now it's the whole system of America. They don't know what they're mad at. They don't know what they're bothered by. ... Don't get caught up in the hype. It's all wrong."
  • "The only people that's oppressed in this world is people that embrace being oppressed."
  • "If they are so bothered, why don't they leave and go to Africa or to another country? If you're that bothered with America, pack your stuff, hold a crusade, because I think some of us will put money up and help you leave."

Image source: Facebook video screenshot

The video cuts to another man, who speaks out about his support of the police and what he believes "black lives matter" really means.

Here are some of his key quotes:

  • "I gotta be out here supporting the police. The people that we need. The people that stand in the gap for us when it comes to crime, when it comes to delinquency. ... They're being vilified across the board. It's unacceptable."
  • "They think it's gonna be some type of utopia without the police. It makes no sense. ... We all know when there's a lack of police presence, crime goes up. Lawlessness goes up. Civil unrest goes up. ... To abolish the police is an asinine concept that's gonna do nothing but bring about the destruction of America."
  • "The police are here for our benefit, not for our detriment."
  • "Black Lives Matter has been hijacked by Antifa, by ... first of all, it's not even a legitimate cause. If we're going to talk about Black Lives Matter, let's talk about the abortion rate. The black abortion rate. Talking about more black babies being killed in New York City than birthed. ... Black-on-black crime, [in] all these inner cities. ... If we wanna really talk about black lives mattering, then we gotta be proactive in our approach to stop these black lives from being murdered and killed on the street. Black Lives Matter doesn't really stand for black lives matter — it's all about the narrative, and that's all they're trying to push."
You can watch the men's remarks — along with others — in the video below.

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