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Fox News host Sean Hannity tried multiple times on Wednesday to ridicule Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for supposedly pandering to Hispanic voters by playing the pop smash “Despacito,” only to undercut his own attempts with unforced errors each time.

Amid concerns that Biden is hemorrhaging support among Hispanic voters, especially in Florida, the former vice president made his first campaign appearance in the Sunshine State on Tuesday.

Marking the start of Hispanic Heritage Month, Biden kicked off his speech by firing up “Despacito” on his phone, even dancing along to it a bit.

The moment quickly went viral, with critics quickly pouncing and accusing the presidential hopeful of blatantly pandering to Hispanic voters. Biden supporters, meanwhile, fired back that Luis Fonsi, the 2017 hit’s singer and writer, introduced Biden at the event and even encouraged the candidate to “dance a little bit” after playing the song.

During Hannity’s radio program on Wednesday, first highlighted by former Daily Beast video editor Timothy Burke, the Fox News host—an informal adviser and confidant of President Donald Trump—teased an upcoming segment about the viral moment. Unfortunately, he got one little thing wrong.

“I’ll play a montage—they’re going to isolate this Ricky Martin song ‘Despacito,’” Hannity declared. “You know, my staff is having too much fun today and they’re like, ‘You know what the song is, right?’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t know. It’s Ricky Martin!’”

Hannity then spoke at length about how Martin is an “incredible performer” who had the “entire culture” loving his music and then “stayed out of the public eye for a while,” though the Fox host “had no idea why.” (Paradoxically, Martin was also at the Biden event in Florida, alongside Fonsi and actress Eva Longoria.)

Hours later, the pro-Trump star kicked off his Fox News primetime program by once again looking to ridicule Biden over the moment—and once again flubbing it.

“Be prepared to crawl out of your skin because yesterday Joe Biden was trying so hard to pander for Hispanic Americans to vote for him in Florida that he actually started a speech by playing, well, it’s a song called ‘Despacito’ which is on his cellphone,” he exclaimed. “It’s a well known song and some great singers there.”

Despite properly pronouncing the song title that afternoon, this time around the Fox host pronounced it as “Duh-SPAH-seh-toe.”

Hannity quickly corrected himself after playing a clip of Biden, accurately pronouncing “Despacito” and informing his viewers that he “actually studied español” before tossing out a few Spanish words as proof.

Hannity wasn’t the only one to get tripped up while trying to own Biden over the awkward moment. In two separate instances, Trump tweeted a fake video of Biden—using footage of him from the Florida event—bopping along to N.W.A’s “Fuck tha Police.” Twitter eventually tagged the video the president shares as “manipulated media.”

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Parents toss children off-camera for TikTok challenge

Benevolent TikTok challenges often involve users doing cute, coordinated dance moves to a popular song. A new TikTok challenge has people doing just that—but instead of just throwing shapes, they’re throwing their babies.


Parents are partaking in the new challenge inspired by Los Angeles rapper’s song “Baby,” Daily Mail first reported. The videos show people dancing and lip-syncing to the song while holding their baby. Once Blueface raps the lyrics ‘”No baby, we can’t have the baby. If you don’t take this Plan B, bitch, it’s plan C,” the parents toss their children to the side and continue dancing or twerking.


The parents are (hopefully) tossing their children onto mattresses or soft surfaces to cushion the child’s fall, but social media users are still calling out parents for putting their babies at risk. One Twitter user said the challenge proves people will do “anything for a crumb of clout.”

So Blueface is promoting a TikTok challenge where you toss an actual baby/toddler away and start twerking

Anything for a crumb of clout I guess

— Squirt Reynolds ???? ➐ (@SquirtReynoldss) September 9, 2020 Hide

tiktok users are really throwing their babies around for a blueface song?? youre joking

— BIG PHAG (@kingkelvy) September 23, 2020

“Blueface got y’all looking as stupid as he sounds for all some [TikTok] clout,” another Twitter user wrote. “Absolute trash, someone call CPS.”


While many are questioning this challenge, the rapper behind the song seems to endorse it. He reposted multiple TikToks to his personal social media accounts and even posted an Instagram video showing him partaking in the challenge himself. 

“Grab da nearest baby,” the rapper stated in an Instagram caption of a reposted video.

The trend seems to be the newest addition to a list of questionable challenges that involve risking children’s safety or comfort for views. A similar challenge involves parents throwing water on their babies, which often resulted in the child crying.


While Blueface seems to view the challenge in a fun and playful light, many on social media think otherwise as the trends continue to garner mixed reactions.

Genuinely thought twitter was the worst.

Then i saw ppl throwing their kids/babies on Tik Tok to a Blueface song.

Clout is the new crack.

I feel old and I just turned 61…30 years from now.

— The Human Rights Council of Twitta (@YahyaYayoHassan) September 21, 2020 Hide Today’s top stories
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