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complete guide for iPhone users

complete guide for iPhone users

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Apple has already released iOS 14 for all users who have a compatible iPhoneIf you were able to install iOS 13 extremely, you can now update to iOS 14 and enjoy all the news that this new update includes.

You should know that iOS 14 is one of the most important updates Apple has ever released for the iPhone, with a very important redesign of the home screen and news when using our iPhone.

There are many new features included and in this user guide we are going to tell you and analyze each and every one of them.

New iOS 14 home screen

The iOS 14 home screen has suffered one of the biggest changes since iOS and iPhone were released 13 years ago. For the first time we will no longer have pages full of icons of apps or folders, now we can use application widgets, but there are many other improvements.


It is probably the novelty that stands out the most from iOS 14. We have a complete guide to knowing the widgets of iOS 14, but here we are going to tell you the highlights.

The iOS 14 widgets are available in three sizes that correspond to the icons they occupy on the screen: 2 x 2, 2 x 4 or 4 x 4 icons. To add a widget we must hold down the screen and click on a “+” that appears on the top left. The system widgets and those of the apps that have activated them will appear there.

In addition to the individual widgets, Apple has created one called Smart group, in which we can stack several widgets that will rotate intelligently throughout the day.

Application library

Other all-important change to the home screen. For the first time in iOS, it is possible to remove icons from the apps you use less so that they appear on the iPhone screen. These icons will be in a new section called App Library.

This means that you won’t have to see apps you don’t use on the home screen, you can save them in the App Library. Everything you need to know is in our guide to the iOS 14 App Library, but this is the basics you should know.

The App Library is all the way to the right of the home screen.
There the apps are intelligently organized into groups that Apple has created.
We can search for apps from the upper area, which will appear in alphabetical order.
We can remove the icon of an app from the home screen by holding down on it, giving Delete app and Move to the app library.
You can always restore the icon by pressing and holding on it from the App Library.

Hide pages from the home screen

The third change that comes to the iOS 14 home screen allows us hide entire pages of apps to leave them hidden. At any time we can view them again, so it is a very interesting ocian. This you should do:

Keep your finger pressing on the screen, in a place without icons.
When the icons move, click on the points below that indicate the app pages.
A new interface will open showing the different pages of apps that we have on our home screen.
By clicking below each one you can activate or hide them.

News when using our iPhone

There are many day-to-day functions that have been updated in iOS 14, these are the most important.


Siri is not only smarter in iOS 14, tumben has a new and renewed interface much less intrusive and annoying than the one we have so far on iOS.

Siri is now a small circle that will appear at the bottom of our iPhone. In this way, we can continue to see what we were doing on the iPhone screen. The answers will appear in the form of cards at the top.

You can also set the assistant to only speak when we say “Hey Siri”, in this way the answers will be more silent. If you want to know more about the new Siri in iOS 14, here we tell you everything you need to know.

Call notifications

Following Siri’s line, calls now won’t interrupt either What we’re doing. In iOS 14 when we are using the iPhone and between a call, it will not occupy the entire screen, we will simply see a notification at the top.

From the notification itself we can answer or hang up the call. The good thing about this is that it works with all types of calls, the normal ones, FaceTime or WhatsApp calls will appear this way.

Picture in Picture

The function and picture in picture, known as PiP or Picture-in-Picture, finally comes to the iPhone after several years being available on the iPad. Thanks to this function we can minimize a video in a floating window and keep using the iPhone while we watch it.

Using Picture in Picture in iOS 14 is very simple, you must follow these steps:

The first thing we must do is start playing a video. We can open a compatible app, such as TV or Twitch, or search for a video in Safari, it works on the YouTube website.
Once it is playing, better if it is full screen, we return to the home screen. In iPhone with FaceID we will have to slide from bottom to top on our screen and in devices with TouchID we must press the Home button.
You will automatically see how the video begins to play in a separate floating window at the top of our screen.
Now you can use your iPhone normally, while the video is playing.
You can make the floating screen bigger or smaller, and you can also hide it by sliding it to the side.

Clips App

App Clips is a novelty that can help us in many situations. These small apps are designed to access a specific service without having to download the full app nor to register.

For example, imagine you want rent one of the electric scooters what’s in your city. If the app has App Clips, just by bringing your iPhone closer, a small app will appear and you can start the rental without having to do anything else.

Car Key

This new functionality of ipsilons 14 will allow us enter our car without using the keys, simply with the iPhone. We can also start it and share virtual keys with our family or friends so they can use the car.

For the moment BMW is the manufacturer that has partnered with Apple, but over the next few months new car brands are sure to join.

IOS 14 app improvements

Several iOS applications have been renewed or have received very interesting improvements. These are the main ones, but you will find several welcome screens with the new functions in many of them.


The Messages app has received a major update, this is the highlight:

We can anchor conversations at the top of the app.
Within a chat we can respond to a specific message.
In a group chat we can mention a user in our answer.


Apple Maps improve with each iOS update, and they are incorporating news that are very interesting, many of them are unique.

In some cities, bicycle routes will also be available.
Electric vehicle charging stations are incorporated into the maps to plan your route.
Maps shows restricted areas in cities due to pollution and creates alternative routes.
In certain cities, traffic lights and speed cameras are displayed.
There are cities with travel guides to discover new places.


The default iPhone browser is Safari, although it is true that in iOS 14 you can configure others such as Chrome. But with the new features of Safari in iOS 14 you sure don’t want to.

Better performance, twice as fast as Chrome.
Privacy improvements with a new Privacy Report.
We can identify ourselves directly with Face ID or Touch ID.


The iOS 14 camera receives many news, these are the most outstanding:

Your iPhone will take photos up to 90% faster.
You can change the resolution and the frames per second of a video directly from the app.
IPhone XR, XS and XS Max now support QuickTake.
You can lock the exposure values ​​and adjust them to your liking.
Selfies option in mirror mode.


The Photos application is another one that has received important news. Now you can set any photo in an album as thumbnail, there is a new action menu when visiting certain categories and albums.

Clicking on the ellipsis icon In the upper right corner of the screen you can perform a large number of tasks, such as sharing multiple photos directly, adding photos from other albums, filtering items by type, etc.

Other improvements are the stabilization of Live Photos, option to add a caption, zoom in on photos or hide them much better than in iOS 13.


Apple is a brand committed to privacy, and many new features have been included in iOS 14 to continue protecting users.

Notification of access to camera or microphone

If you see a small green or orange dot at the top of the iPhone, it means that there is an app accessing the camera, if it’s green, or to the microphone, if it’s orange.

Also in the Control Center a notification will appear at the top if an app has recently accessed the camera or microphone.

Clipboard access notification

Another important novelty, if you see that it appears a white top poster, or black if you have the dark mode activated, when entering an app it is most likely that that app has accessed the clipboard, that is, what you have copied or cut.

If you are the one who is pasting something there is no problem, but suspect if the app accesses the clipboard if you have pasted something, it is clear that he is atoning for you.

Limited access to photos

When an app wants to access our photos in iOS 14 we have a new option. We can give you access to all, or only the ones we select. So if you’re not going to use that app again and you don’t want to give it access to your entire gallery, it’s a great option.

Password audit

In the Passwords section of the iPhone settings now we will see if our passwords are secure or not. Apple will tell us if it is possible that they have been leaked in an attack or hack.

Other important new features of iOS 14 Emoji finder

iOS 14 adds a new one search function to find that emoji you are looking for. When you enter the emoji keyboard you will see a search engine in the upper area.

Activation and locking with cover housings

iOS 14 now supports the activation or locking when using a flip cover. The iPhone will automatically wake up or lock when you open or close the lid, just like the iPad.

Editing the home screen faster

Now you don’t have to hold down an icon and wait until they start shaking to move apps. You can enter this home screen editing mode faster, just press and hold somewhere without icons.

Sleep mode

The bedtime mode in iOS 13 is now replaced by the new sleep mode in iOS 14. You can set your sleep schedule in the Health app, and Do Not Disturb will automatically be activated during that time. If you have an Apple Watch the experience improves.

YouTube in 4K

Finally you can enjoy YouTube at the highest quality on your iPhone. Apple has implemented Google’s VP9 codec in iOS 14, so we can watch videos at 4K resolution.

As you can see, there are many news that come with iOS 14, we have analyzed many of them, so if you want more do not miss our articles telling you and explaining all the news of iOS 14.

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