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As predicted, the PlayStation 5 Showcase came as one of the best reveals so far. And with it, revealed Sony’s master plan to win the next generational “console war.” With the exclusive games displayed today, it is not a surprise that Sony waited for the opportune moment to get ahead of its competitors.

(Image Courtesy – PlayStation YouTube)

For RPG fans, the greatest surprise came in the form of Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The showcase showed a little of the gameplay, and the entire world is spellbound.

(Image Courtesy – PlayStation YouTube)

It is not just the advanced graphical or audio features that steal the show. Spider-Man Miles Morales is going to coalesce a lot of strings and elements from popular culture.

PS5 reveal shows off Spider-Man: Miles Morales gameplay

First and foremost, the game takes off one year after the first game. It shows that Miles has now relocated to Harlem where he tries to balance his life between a good son and the city’s savior. This has made Miles keep an eye over his shoulder, or wear his spidey suit underneath.

(Image Courtesy – PlayStation YouTube)

It is also shown that Miles’ mom, Rio Morales, is running for an election. A war for power breaks out between the evil corporation Roxxon and The Underground, a band of criminals led by the Tinkerer.

(Image Courtesy – PlayStation YouTube)

The gameplay shows us a glimpse of what it will be like to stand between these two evil forces as Spider-Man. From the looks of it, the game is paying tribute to the movies and the comic books. The moment where Miles Morales is holding the bridge from falling with just his webs is reminiscent of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

(Image Courtesy – PlayStation YouTube)

The fight sequence that breaks out shows us the true potential and quality of graphics on PS5. The color schemes, the high-resolution details are joyfully evident. Delightfully, even the slightest stimulation of Spidey-Sense can be felt through the Dual Sense Controller.

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Exclusive only for PlayStation owners

(Image Courtesy – PlayStation YouTube)

The Braithwaite Bridge fight sequence is just a trailer of what is to come. Perhaps they are even going to bring back some elements from previous Spider-Man games. This is a great way to lure Spider-Man fans into buying the console.

(Image Courtesy – PlayStation YouTube)

The game will naturally be exclusive for PlayStation owners. A speculative guess can see it becoming an instant sensation when it releases. The confirmation that the game will also make its way to PlayStation 4 was perhaps the most well-greeted news, along with the price of the console, of course.

Thus, for all the PlayStation owners out there, Spider-Man just became a priority.

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Microsoft’s Xbox Series X 1TB expandable storage priced at $219.99

Microsoft’s first 1TB expandable storage drive for the Xbox Series X / S will be priced at $219.99. Best Buy has started taking preorders for the accessory, revealing a final price that had leaked recently. These expandable storage cards slot into the rear of both the Xbox Series X / S to match the internal SSD speed and provide 1TB of extra storage.

Microsoft’s expandable storage solution is proprietary, and only Seagate has been announced as a manufacturer so far. Microsoft tells me more suppliers and additional sizes will be available in the future, but the $219.99 price will still surprise many potential next-gen Xbox owners.

The Xbox Series X ships with 1TB of SSD storage, and the Xbox Series S just 512GB of storage. Microsoft’s pricing means the $299 Xbox Series S jumps to nearly $520 if you want to add the additional storage and bring it up to 1.5TB overall. That may make the larger Series X more appealing to those who need the storage, particularly as games will start to require it once they’re enhanced for the Xbox Series X / S. Games for the Xbox Series S can be 30 percent smaller than the Series X, which will certainly help with storage options.

1B expandable storage card for Xbox Series X.Photo by Tom Warren / The News Brig

An alternative to this expandable storage is simply using any USB drive to store games when you don’t need to play them. If they’re not enhanced for Xbox Series X / S then you’ll even be able to run them direct from USB storage, or you can simply copy them and use drives as cheaper cold storage.

It’s difficult to judge the price of these expandable storage cards, simply because there aren’t enough comparable PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs out there. Sony has chosen to allow players to slot their own drives into the PS5, but these drives will need to meet the speed requirements of the internal SSD. Those speed requirements mean that PS5 owners will need the very best PCIe 4.0 NVMe drives that are starting to make their way into PCs. Samsung announced its 980 Pro earlier this week, which looks like it might be an ideal candidate for the PS5 due to its fast read and write speeds. Samsung’s 1TB option for the 980 Pro is priced at $229.99, but Sony has not yet revealed which drives will be compatible with the PS5.

The benefits of Sony’s more open approach is that pricing on compatible PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs will inevitably drop over time due to competition and lower manufacturing costs. Assuming Sony certifies most high-end drives, there should be a lot of options. Microsoft will need more manufacturers producing its expandable Xbox Series X / S storage cards for competition to take place and prices to be lowered over time. It’s going to be a waiting game to see exactly how Sony and Microsoft handle expandable storage options in the coming months, but it’s clear from Microsoft’s pricing that it’s not going to be cheap for early adopters.

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