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Full screen 1/26 SLIDES © Rune Hellestad/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images Actors you didn't know were also musicians

We all need our creative outlets, even actors.

The difference is that famous actors can sometimes turn those passions and side projects into things released to the general public. It seems the thing that actors like trying out the most is music. Now, there are musicians who have becomes actors, like Cher, and people who have definitive careers in both, like a Miley Cyrus or Harry Connick Jr. Here are some actors who have tried their hands at being musicians as well.

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Miley Cyrus Goes Full Glam In Low-Cut Black Garment Sheer Tights With Curlers In Her Hair

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Microsoft’s Bethesda deal: Great for Game Pass, troubling for exclusives


Microsoft is now at a crossroads when it comes to handling this influx of new titles. The decisions it makes over the next few years have the potential to fundamentally reshape the gaming industry. Microsoft could either perpetuate the exclusivity war it’s been waging with Sony for years — something that inevitably hurts gamers who only own one system — or it could take the high road where it ends up publishing more titles on competing platforms. (That’s something Microsoft is already doing with Minecraft on the PlayStation 4 and Switch.)   

Microsoft Xbox head Phil Spencer told Bloomberg that the company is honoring Bethesda’s deal with Sony to release Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo as PlayStation 5 exclusives for a limited period. Meanwhile, the company plans to bring upcoming Bethesda titles like Starfield on Xbox, Windows PCs and Game Pass, while managing releases on other consoles on a “case-by-case basis,” according to Spencer.

Here’s where things get worrying. Even though Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says the company plans to make its gaming content “broadly available,” it’s unclear what that means in the future, especially if it needs the cachet of enticing exclusives to fend off Sony’s huge franchises like God of War, Spider-Man and Uncharted. 

Microsoft spent most of the last console generation recovering from a bungled launch. The Xbox one cost $100 more than the PlayStation 4 (blame the updated Kinect for that), didn’t have nearly as many compelling games, and was bogged down by the company’s terrible messaging around DRM and used game support. So would you blame Microsoft for keeping its new toys to itself? But, given how much Nadella has pushed Microsoft’s software and services to other platforms like iOS and Android, a similar strategy might make more sense. 

Sure, it would be nicer for Microsoft if you could only buy the next Elder Scrolls game only on the Xbox Series X and S. But the company certainly benefits from bringing it to other platforms too — it’ll be able to sell far more copies, for one. And in an era where playing competitive multiplayer games across different consoles is becoming normalized, there’s less of an argument for locking major franchises to a single system (especially if they were previously cross-platform). It’ll be tough to maintain the high road, though, when Sony has a titan like Final Fantasy XVI coming to the PlayStation 5 exclusively. (Microsoft still wins a bit in that case, since FFXVI is also headed to Windows PCs.)

There are also potential issues if Microsoft follows the Apple Arcade route and makes some games exclusive only to Game Pass, with no ability to purchase them without subscribing. That would certainly sell more memberships, but it could be a problem for gamers who don’t want yet another monthly service on their credit card bill. I appreciate Game Pass for the sheer breadth of its library. But if I only cared about one game, it wouldn’t make sense to pay a recurring fee instead of making a one-time $60 or $70 purchase.

I wouldn’t worry too much about that dark timeline, though, as Microsoft’s current Game Pass strategy seems to be working out well enough. The company just announced today that it has 15 million subscribers, and I’d expect that figure to grow quickly once the new consoles launch. (Game Pass Ultimate is also included with the Xbox All Access monthly payment plan for the next-gen consoles.) Currently, you can play Game Pass titles for free, or purchase them at a discount to keep them in your library.

One thing’s for certain: As soon as Microsoft’s ZeniMax acquisition is complete next year (barring any regulatory issues), you won’t be able to say the company doesn’t have enough games. 

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