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exoplanet giant that was able to survive the death of its sun and continue to orbit around the white dwarf that became its parent star. “data-reactid =” 12 “> A consortium of astronomers discovered the first giant exoplanet that was capable of of surviving the death of its sun and continuing to orbit the white dwarf that became its parent star.

The finding from the Association of Research Universities in Astronomy (Aura) shows that it is possible for planets the size of Jupiter to survive the disappearance of their star and settle into close orbits around the remaining stele, close to the habitable zone.

Solar system, when the Sun ages and becomes a white dwarf. “data-reactid =” 14 “> The research also predicts what could happen in the Solar System, when the Sun ages and becomes a white dwarf.

Gemini International Observatory, a program of NOIRLab, among other telescopes in the world and in space, to find and characterize a giant planet, 13.8 times larger than Jupiter, orbiting a star White dwarf. “data-reactid =” 15 “> Astronomers used the Gemini International Observatory, a program from NOIRLab, among other telescopes around the world and in space, to find and characterize a giant planet, 13.8 times larger than Jupiter, orbiting a white dwarf star.

This is the first example of an intact giant planet orbiting close to a white dwarf star – in this case, a particularly cool and faint stellar ember known as WD 1856 + 534.

Nature. “data-reactid =” 17 “> Aura’s research was published this September 16 in the journal Nature.

“The discovery was a surprise. An earlier example of a similar system, in which an object was seen passing in front of a white dwarf, showed only a field of debris from a disintegrating asteroid, ”explained lead author Andrew Vanderburg.

The spectroscopic observations captured the star’s fingerprint, but not that of the planet or the debris surrounding the system.

“We were using the TESS satellite to search for debris in transit around white dwarfs and to try to understand how the planetary destruction process occurs. We did not expect to find a planet that appears to be intact, “said Vanderburg.

Since the researchers did not detect any light from the planet, even using an infrared system, they estimate that it would be an extremely cold planet.

Siyi Xu, an assistant astronomer at the Gemini Observatory and one of the researchers behind the discovery, said they had indirect evidence that planets existed around white dwarfs, making it “amazing to finally find a planet like this.”

White dwarfs are extremely dense and very small, making the exoplanet larger than its tiny parent star, making the system particularly unusual.

How you avoided his death

Illustration of the planet WD 1856 b and its orbiting white dwarf. NoirLab


The planet’s surprising discovery, known as WD 1856 b, raises questions about the fate of planets orbiting stars destined to become white dwarfs, like the Sun.

Solar system that have been discovered, most orbit stars that will eventually evolve to red giants and then white dwarfs. “data-reactid =” 38 “> Of the thousands of planets outside the Solar System that have been discovered, most orbit stars that will eventually evolve into red giants and then white dwarfs.

During this process, any planet in close orbits will be engulfed by the star, a fate that planet WD 1856b somehow managed to avoid.

“Our discovery suggests that WD 1856b must have originally orbited very far from the star, and then traveled inward after the star became a white dwarf,” Vanderburg said.

The discovery suggests that the planets may end up near the white dwarf’s habitable zone and potentially be capable of supporting life, even after their star has died.

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