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Jan 13, 2021

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DWTS Pro Had 2 Heart Attacks Before Age 37

DWTS Pro Had 2 Heart Attacks Before Age 37

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Getty Tristan MacManus and Tahyna Tozzi arrive at the David Jones A/W 2014 Collection Launch

Former Dancing With the Stars professional dancer Tristan MacManus recently went public with the revelation that he has had two heart attacks in the last 12 years, one when he was just 26 years old. He also got very emotional talking about how when he had the first one, he didn’t even care that much because he was in a really dark place.

But now he had a family and everything was different when he had the second heart attack.

The First Happened in Las Vegas When MacManus Was in a Dark Place

Host Tristan MacManus Opens Up About Surviving Two Heart Attacks | Studio 10Subscribe now for more! Check out our home on 10play: Studio 10 host Tristan MacManus has been hit by two heart attacks by just 38 years old. He shared about his experiences, the impact the disease has had on his family before and what he's learned. Start your day with a dose of…2021-01-11T02:23:16Z

Speaking with Studio 10 in Australia, MacManus revealed that he first had a heart attack over a decade ago, when he was 26 and dancing in Las Vegas.

“It came at a time in me life when I was very down. I was kind of down and I didn’t know what it was [that made me feel down]. People were looking at me and going, ‘you have a great life,’ and I did, but at the same time, I just hated meself. I hated everything,” the 38-year-old dancer revealed.

“So when the first one happened, I didn’t really care what was going to happen,” MacManus said, adding, “I didn’t take drugs, it was nothing like that. Granted, I had a drinking problem and I knew that … I wasn’t looking after myself because I didn’t have anything to look after, in my eyes.”

He recovered from that one and since then, he has married actress/producer Tahyna Tozzi and they had two children, Echo, 4, and Oisin, 1. They are also expecting their third child in 2021, Tozzi announced on Instagram back in November.

The Second Heart Attack Led to a Diagnosis of Myopericarditis View this post on Instagram

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MacManus went on to reveal that his second heart attack happened a few weeks after his 36th birthday, which would have been summer 2018, and it led to a diagnosis of myopericarditis. Myopericarditis is an inflammation of both the pericardium and the heart muscle and can lead to fluid in the heart. What made that particularly scary is that his grandfather suffered from the same condition and he died at the age of 36.

MacManus recalled playing in a soccer game with his friends and feeling a tightness or a “twist” in his chest. All he could think about was not scaring his wife and daughter, who were there to watch the game.

“I remember feeling a twist, just a twist in my chest and I thought oh, that’s bizarre … I didn’t know [I was having a heart attack] at the time. I started getting tingles down my arms … then I start feeling the twist and the pump, I started feeling it in my head … then I started getting hot … my head got real light,” said MacManus, adding, “I remember seeing [Tahyna and Echo] and going ‘they’re going to be scared if they know something’s going on here.’ … In my head, the only thing that mattered was that [they weren’t scared].”

MacManus said eventually he was diagnosed with having had a second heart attack and then the myopericarditis diagnosis came. What it taught him was to listen to his body more.

“The difference is now I know when to not push myself,” said MacManus. “I’m listening to my body more because I have a lot more at stake now. It’s not just about me now. It’s all about my family and that dark period … for a long time of my early life, I’ve been very privileged with the stuff I’ve gotten to do, but if you hate yourself, what’s the point? It’s not like I didn’t have people around me, I just didn’t like myself.”

He added, “It’s something that I feel as though I’ve come to terms with now and I just feel as though I need to get it off my chest a little bit, especially at a time when health is so important for everyone … make your health a priority.”

He emphasized that you need to make both your physical health and your mental health a priority.

“There will always be that fear. I couldn’t think of anything else that would be more scary than not seeing my kids grow up,” said the dancer. “Three strikes and you’re out.”

Dancing With the Stars will hopefully return with season 30 in 2021. ABC has not yet officially announced a renewal and premiere date.

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COVID In Maryland: Over 1.9K Cases, 33 Deaths Reported

ANNAPOLIS (WJZ) — Maryland reports 1,939 coronavirus cases and 33 deaths in the last 24 hours as the state positivity rate continues to drop Wednesday morning.

There are now 1,647 Marylanders hospitalized for the virus, up by five since Tuesday. ICU beds went up slightly, now at 374, with 1,273 in acute care.

As trends move down this week slightly, the state has now recorded 346,559 coronavirus cases and 6,821 Marylanders have died from the virus. The positivity rate is down by 0.26% and stays below 7% at 6.38%.

Maryland conducted 34,887 coronavirus tests in the last day, with over 6.8 million tested since the pandemic began in the state.

A day after Gov. Larry Hogan spoke to the public on the state’s vaccine efforts moving into February, over 180,000 more doses have been distributed. As of Wednesday morning, 852,625 doses have been distributed total throughout the state. As the state continues into Phase 1C, 419,579 have been administered.

Marylanders have received 363,282 first doses- 15,256 in the last 24 hours. At this time, 56,297 second doses have been received, with 7,662 in the last 24 hours.

The Maryland Department of Health is encouraging physicians and patients to now consider monoclonal antibody treatment, which they claim has been shown to reduce the severity of symptoms and prevent hospitalization in people with mild or moderate COVID symptoms.


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Here’s a breakdown of COVID-19 cases and deaths– probable deaths are listed with an asterisk:

By County

County Cases Deaths
Allegany 6,119 (176) 1*
Anne Arundel 32,093 (441) 14*
Baltimore City 37,281 (779) 21*
Baltimore County 46,254 (1,093) 33*
Calvert 3,304 (56) 1*
Caroline 1,824 (16) 0*
Carroll 6,750 (186) 5*
Cecil 4,674 (108) 2*
Charles 7,786 (143) 1*
Dorchester 2,017 (31) 0*
Frederick 15,239 (233) 8*
Garrett 1,765 (56) 1*
Harford 11,039 (199) 4*
Howard 14,250 (195) 6*
Kent 1,021 (32) 2*
Montgomery 57,685 (1,248) 44*
Prince George’s 66,535 (1,186) 27*
Queen Anne’s 2,312 (32) 1*
St. Mary’s 4,448 (101) 0*
Somerset 2,208 (26) 0*
Talbot 1,622 (20) 0*
Washington 11,153 (216) 3*
Wicomico 6,172 (123) 0*
Worcester 3,008 (76) 1*
Data not available 0 (49) 0*

By Age Range and Gender

Age/Gender Cases Deaths
0-9 16,749 (2) 0*
10-19 32,515 (6) 1*
20-29 63,184 (32) 1*
30-39 60,096 (71) 6*
40-49 53,016 (193) 4*
50-59 52,351 (523) 23*
60-69 35,266 (1,075) 17*
70-79 19,993 (1,729) 33*
80+ 13,389 (3,188) 90*
Data not available 0 (2) 0*
Female 181,718 (3,303) 86*
Male 164,841 (3,518) 89*
Unknown 0 () 0*

By Race and Ethnicity

Race/Ethnicity Cases Deaths
African-American (NH) 98,200 (2,383) 62*
Asian (NH) 7,564 (233) 7*
White (NH) 117,997 (3,442) 91*
Hispanic 57,054 (642) 15*
Other (NH) 16,213 (67) 0*
Data not available 49,531 (54) 0*

Here is a breakdown of who has been vaccinated in the state so far:

By County

First Dose Second Dose
County Count of Vaccinated Proportion of Population Vaccinated Count of Vaccinated Proportion of Population Vaccinated
Allegany 5,044 7.163% 490 0.696%
Anne Arundel 32,004 5.525% 4,928 0.851%
Baltimore 58,744 7.1% 10,375 1.254%
Baltimore City 33,835 5.701% 7,513 1.266%
Calvert 6,668 7.207% 532 0.575%
Caroline 2,715 8.127% 283 0.847%
Carroll 11,342 6.733% 1,703 1.011%
Cecil 5,220 5.075% 464 0.451%
Charles 6,635 4.064% 454 0.278%
Dorchester 2,674 8.375% 334 1.046%
Frederick 16,861 6.496% 2,357 0.908%
Garrett 2,602 8.968% 143 0.493%
Harford 17,631 6.902% 2,912 1.14%
Howard 21,281 6.534% 4,027 1.236%
Kent 1,508 7.764% 196 1.009%
Montgomery 51,403 4.892% 6,550 0.623%
Prince George’s 21,859 2.404% 3,014 0.331%
Queen Anne’s 3,953 7.846% 452 0.897%
St. Mary’s 8,086 7.124% 558 0.492%
Somerset 1,596 6.23% 293 1.144%
Talbot 4,155 11.175% 384 1.033%
Washington 9,335 6.18% 1,904 1.261%
Wicomico 8,566 8.268% 1,848 1.784%
Worcester 5,443 10.412% 808 1.546%
Unknown 24,115 N/A 3,774 N/A


By Age Range and Gender

Age/Gender First Dose Second Dose
0-9 0 0
10-19 1,846 171
20-29 39,128 7,264
30-39 59,107 12,368
40-49 58,640 11,262
50-59 63,570 11,744
60-69 50,482 8,647
70-79 44,715 2,426
80+ 37,792 2,415
Age not available 8,000 0
Female 223,973 38,176
Male 130,635 17,975
Unknown Gender 8,674 146

By Race

Race First Dose Second Dose
African-American 53,708 8,308
Asian 24,116 4,738
White 227,393 33,000
American Indian or Alaska Native 1,195 240
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 680 136
Other Race 33,408 3,233
Unknown Race 22,782 6,642

By Ethnicity

Ethnicity First Dose Second Dose
Hispanic or Latino 14,015 1,902
Not Hispanic or Latino 303,929 46,884
Unknown 45,338 45,338

For the latest information on coronavirus go to the Maryland Health Department’s website or call 211. You can find all of WJZ’s coverage on coronavirus in Maryland here.

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