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Here's a response to feeling burned out at work or depleted by relationships.

Nearly half the states are taxing companies over PPP loans that have been forgiven

How is your state treating COVID loans made to companies?

Financial guru Dave Ramsey is selling his $15.
45 million Tennessee estate

It's no surprise that the massive estate of the prominent radio host Dave Ramsey, in Franklin, TN, has turned out to be a great investment — that is, if he can sell it for anywhere near his $15.45 million asking price.

We put our extravagant neighbors in touch with our financial adviser. They called her ‘lousy.’ So how come WE are the ones who retired early?

‘Warren Buffett and Harry Potter couldn’t get those two retired early.’

I’m 28, have zero debt, a 401(k), Roth IRA and $45K in the bank. Should I save for a home or buy a Tesla Model 3?

‘I believe I can buy the car and strap down, and save more aggressively to replenish the funds.’

My ex-husband signed a contract with our son saying he would only pay for his education if he gets Cs or better. That contradicts our divorce agreement

'We included in our settlement an agreement to each pay $10,000 per year for our son's college education. Our son is in college and is 20 years old now.'

‘I was discarded after 40 years of marriage’: Can my ex-husband file a joint tax return without my consent? He tried to take both my stimulus checks

'He told me straight out that he does not intend to give me any of our joint tax return, because he said that I am no longer working.'

Billionaire philanthropy is a ‘PR scam,’ says CEO who raised his workers’ minimum pay to $70,000

'In reality, the amount [billionaires] donate is a fraction of what they would pay if their tax rates were in line with the working class,' Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price told MarketWatch.

There’s a hidden financial drawback to remote working

The rise of remote working may provide workers freedom to live where they want --- but that doesn’t mean they’re saving money.

‘The sheer number of claims are extraordinary’: Texans pay a lot for insurance — but will that help them now?

'Document everything,' said Camille Garcia, director of communications and public affairs at the Insurance Council of Texas

Elsewhere on MarketWatchWhat good is a commuter tax in a work-from-home world?

A tax that constitutes a big chunk of Philadelphia's city budget depends on people coming into the city to work, even as Americans have been forced to hunker down for months. Now city officials must figure out how to plug the budget hole this year - and decide how to navigate the upcoming new normal.

America’s excessive government spending must stop

In his final commentary, George P. Shultz warned of grave economic and national-security risks from excessive government spending and borrowing.

Inflation could make a stealthy comeback, with devastating consequences

Those who believe the official forecasts of continued low inflation could be in for a rude awakening, writes Axel A. Weber.

Consumer confidence climbs to three-month high as more Americans plan vacations

Americans grew more confident in the economy in February after the government stepped up stimulus payments to families and coronavirus cases fell sharply, but they were still worried about how long the pandemic will linger. The index of consumer confidence rose to a three-month high of 91.3 in February from 88.9.

Fed’s Powell says economy could improve later this year but sees no change in policy

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said Tuesday there are signs pointing to an improved economic outlook later this year, but indicated he sees the Fed holding its easy policy stance "for some time."

#LaserEyes meme campaign goes viral on Twitter in apparent bid to double bitcoin price to $100,000

Viral trend to boost bitcoin enjoys backing from the likes of Elon Musk and Tyler Winklevoss.

Most investors don’t like accelerating inflation — but this one group does

Value investors are keenly aware that the value-over-growth premium tends to rise when inflation heats up.

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Perez Likely to Spill Mercedes Secrets to Honda at Red Bull: Toto Wolff

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Millions of dollars worth of precious metal hidden in secret vault in rural Texas town

George Floyds brutal death sparked a racial justice reckoning. One officer involved goes on trial this month. What you should know. Scientists may have discovered a new layer within the Earth

The most sought-after metals on earth are sitting in a secret underground vault east of San Antonio. KENS 5 got rare access inside the storage facility where up to $5 billion worth of gold, palladium, and other valuables can be held. 

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A short drive east of San Antonio will land you in a place that’s known for its beer. The Spoetzl Brewery is owned by the Gambrinus Company and distributes Shiner Bock nationwide. But in the small community of Shiner, a secret operation is hidden underground.

Texas Precious Metals and its depository are subsidiaries of Kaspar Companies in Shiner. Kaspar Companies was founded in 1898 and is the largest employer in Lavaca County.

Texas Precious Metals and its depository operate hand-in-hand to sell, buy and store precious metals. Jason Kaspar, the CEO and fifth-generation of Kaspars, leads the business. KENS 5 spoke with the president and co-founder of the business, Tarek Saab, who gave us exclusive access inside their facility.

© Provided by KENS-TV San Antonio  

“These days, we have clients that range anywhere between $50 worth of metal in the depository to in some cases, $15 million,” said Saab. “We have clients from all over the world that have opened accounts inside the depository.”

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Due to security concerns, a camera was not allowed inside the underground facility. But KENS 5 was able to take a private tour. The storage is concrete entombed, with three layers of concentric protection, and has the world’s most secure vaults inside. It also has bulletproof doors, man traps, truck traps, biometric scanners, metal detectors, and armed security. The entire area is monitored 24/7 and connected to alarms that can alert law enforcement officers who are located within 1 mile of the facility.

“You can’t entirely eliminate risk. In any industry or in any vault around the world. But you can work extremely hard to mitigate that risk and that’s what we have done,” said Saab.

Texas Depository launched in 2018 but since the coronavirus pandemic started, Saab says business has increased threefold. The storage holds gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. The precious metals are 100% insured by Lloyd's of London.

“I have often joked that we’re like the toilet paper in the financial industry. You don’t realize how badly you need it until it’s not available,” explained Saab. “There was a huge run on precious metals in the market during COVID. We were extremely busy trying to keep up with the overall demand, as people were pulling from equities, pulling from their bank accounts to try to build in a little bit of protection.”

© Provided by KENS-TV San Antonio

Saab further explains why the asset remains highly attractive.

“It has a 5000-year track record as being money. Gold is money par excellence. It is the reason why central banks have gold on their balance sheet,” said Saab. “Gold is always going to have a role in the financial system.”

Saab said the volatility of the stock market, which includes the activity related to the GameStop short sellers has largely affected his business.

“On the heels of the GameStop squeeze, the next asset that was targeted was silver. The first weekend of February, there was a massive run on silver. We sold about three months' worth of silver in a span of 48 hours,” he said.

KENS 5 spoke to one man who stored his valuables at the depository. He wished to remain anonymous for the story. He said the dot-com crash of 2000 and the financial crisis of 2008, drove him to invest in precious metals as a hedge against crises. The client shared that civil unrest over the summer pushed him to store his wealth.

“I just got worried that maybe someone would find out I had it or someone broke in and might cause harm. You know, harm my family or myself. I just didn’t want that present,” he said.

Saab shared stories of ranchers who stored metal on their property and became targeted by their own employees. In some cases, he said people have been held at gunpoint and had their valuables stolen.

“With geopolitical uncertainty and volatility in the markets, people tend to flock to metal. This trajectory that we’ve been on in the last couple of years is accelerating,” said Saab.

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