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Feb 23, 2021

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Letters to the Editor — Feb. 24, 2021

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The Issue: Calls for Gov.

Cuomo’s resignation over his order to send COVID patients into nursing homes.

I’ve never cooked books myself, but our esteemed governor, Andrew Cuomo, seems to have a taste for it (“Give it up, Gov!” Feb. 23).

It doesn’t matter where the elderly COVID patients died, they just died, he said.

It’s about time to get rid of this idiot. What has he done for New York state? Are people that blind they can’t see what a fool he is?

It’s not all his fault. Some credit has to be taken by the fools who keep voting for him. He’s a legend in is own mind.

Edward Hedlund
Clifton Park

I couldn’t agree more that Cuomo has to step down.

He caused enough damage to New Yorkers, especially with the nursing-home deaths. His own party now wants an investigation, which I hope will lead to an impeachment.

This is a man who appears to have no sympathy or compassion for the people he’s responsible for. He’s quick to put the blame on others.

Governor, you have hurt a lot of New Yorkers who lost their loved ones because of what you did. Now accept the responsibility, apologize and step down. You’ve done enough damage.

Rob Johann

The Post featured an article stating that “11 elected officials of the state Democratic Party” are submitting a resolution to “formally censure Cuomo” (“Dem Cries: Cuo Gotta Go!” Feb. 23). What garbage!

A censure is nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Cuomo’s actions cost thousands of seniors their lives. Was it an accident? Possibly.

Cuomo could have admitted that he screwed up, and in all probability, most people would have taken him at his word.

However, like most people in power, his ego seems so large that he is incapable of admitting errors.

We now know that he lied and attempted a coverup. In typical fashion, the Democrats will try to gloss over his actions, safe in the knowledge that the mainstream media will ignore their hero.

William Cleary

Why do so many of our fellow citizens blindly support their given political party?

Cuomo’s infamous nursing-home order was common knowledge last April for many of us who do not solely rely on left-wing media, yet we are only now hearing universal outrage. Why is this?

Cuomo’s secretary personally apologized to the Democratic Party for the political inconvenience her administration caused, but not the order itself. Attorney General Letitia James slow-walked an investigation.

Impeachment of Cuomo is a great first step, but it should be followed by the immediate resignation of all who contributed to this entire saga.

The citizens of New York deserve much better than what these “civil servants” and “journalists” have given us.

Eric Geisel
Putnam Station

The governor tried to fool many, but his inhumanity, his cruelty, his foul language, his intimidation, his brutal temper, his manipulation of subordinates and his threats have been exposed.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is on his way out, with some 2 million signatures demanding his recall.

Cuomo should resign, as he is in the same proverbial boat. He is seen as despicable. He is not the respected governor New York deserves.

B. Press

Cuomo is still blaming the feds and even former President Donald Trump for the debacle that saw the tragic COVID deaths of elderly nursing-home residents.

By forcing homes to accept infected patients and lying about the numbers of subsequent deaths, he has further exasperated the rage and suffering of the surviving family members.

Last year, Cuomo said of Trump: “Forgot bodyguards, he better have an army if he thinks he’s going to walk down the streets of New York”

How ironic to think that, without knowing it, Cuomo may have been talking about himself.

Jeff Cooperman
Staten Island

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The Sun-Sentinel reported that Dylan Warfel, a Pompano Beach senior, began a massive coordination effort to rescue dozens of the animals and find them new homes.

It unfolded across the state from Warfel, in the town of Alva near Fort Myers. Animals that also included horses and ducks, all living in squalor, uncared for, and many with horrifying injuries.

Warfel, who has been rescuing animals for five years, called animal rescue groups she’d worked with in the past and others that could offer help. In a matter of days, she’d found homes for the majority of the 260 rabbits and guinea pigs.

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They said they made six stops on their nearly 24-hour trip, going from the west coast, to central Florida, to the east coast.

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“I just cannot commend Dylan enough for being a high school student,” Hendryx said. “In order for us, in one day, to be able to get 260 animals off of one property and to transport them to all of the different agencies, organizations and rescues, the amount of coordinating and communication and everything that Dylan was able to do was integral to what we were able to do. It was amazing. She’s a great kid. It’s impressive.”

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