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TIGER Woods was involved in a horrific car crash on February 23 after his car rolled over in Los Angeles.

Woods, 45, underwent surgery after suffering multiple leg injuries from the crash after having back surgery in January of 2021.

5 Tiger Woods was involved in a horrific car crash on February 23 after his car rolled over in Los Angeles.
Credit: Getty Images - Getty When was Tiger Woods in a car crash?

Tiger Woods has suffered multiple leg injuries after his car rolled over in a crash on February 23.

Woods was pulled from the wreckage before being transferred to a hospital by paramedics following the smash in Los Angeles.

The LA County Sheriff's Department confirmed that Woods was the driver of a vehicle involved in a roll-over traffic collision just after 7am local time.

5 Woods was pulled from the wreckage before being transferred to a hospital by paramedics 5 The LA County Sheriff's Department confirmed that Woods was the driver of a vehicle involved in a roll-over traffic collision What has Tiger Woods said about his back surgery?

Woods provided an update about his condition with CBS in February of 2021 during the final round of the Genesis Invitational.

"I'm feeling fine, little bit stiff," Woods said.

"Have one more MRI scheduled to see if the annulus has scarred over finally, and then I can start doing more activities.

"Still in the gym, still doing the mundane stuff that you have to do for rehab, the little things before you can start gravitating towards something a little more."

When asked what he has done golf-wise since undergoing the major surgery, Woods joked "I've lengthened my putter."

"I don't have to bend over as far. I've gone to the same length as my sand wedge."

5 Many elite athletes suffer back problems during their careersCredit: Getty - Contributor What is spinal fusion?

Spinal fusion, a surgery that Woods has had, is a procedure used to correct problems with the small bones of the spine.

As its name suggests, the welding process should fuse together the painful vertebrae so that they heal into a single, solid bone.

All spinal fusions use a bone graft to help promote the fusion.

Usually the small pieces of bone are placed into the space between the vertebrae to be fused.

The bone graft is mainly used to stimulate bone healing to increase bone production, helping the vertebrae heal together into one bone.

There are different types of grafting that are carried out, including DBMs - demineralized bone matrices - and ceramics.

Your surgeon should discuss the type of bone graft material that will work best for you and the procedure.

Risks of surgery include graft site pain, excessive bleeding and nerve damage, but are relatively low.

However, around a fifth of spinal fusion surgeries do NOT relieve lower back pain, and are referred to over multiple back operations as "failed back surgery syndrome".

5 Tiger Woods has praised the operation after returning to the peak of his gameCredit: USA TODAY Sports Why is the procedure performed?

Spinal fusion can be used to treat a number of severe conditions including degenerative disc disease, spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, fractures, and spinal tumors.

The theory is that if the painful spinal bones don't move, they'll stop hurting. The procedure also works to stabilize the spine.

Fusion takes away some of the spinal flexibility, but most spinal fusions involve only small spinal segments and therefore don't limit motion too much.

After surgery, the fusion process takes up to several months before the bone is solid.

The patient will have to learn to sit and stand differently in a rehabilitation process that can take months.

However, the worst of the pain is likely to be over within four weeks of the surgery.

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The champion golfer underwent another spine surgery in March 2018, his fourth in less than three years.

Woods has described himself as a "walking miracle" after returning to peak form following the operation.

This time, Woods received a type of spinal fusion called anterior lumbar interbody fusion (ALIF).

Minimally invasive ALIF procedures provide minimal scarring because the spine is approached through the front of the body, leaving the back muscles and nerves untouched.

The recovery time is also shorter due to smaller incisions and there's less interference with surrounding muscles and tissue.

Tiger Woods says this year is going to be different as he prepares for The Masters 2018

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I’d do sexy lad mag shoots at 52, I’m more confident than my 20s – I never knew men thought I was fit, says Jenny Powell

JENNY Powell has revealed she'd happily do a sexy lads' mag shoot in her fifties - because she "feels more confident" now than she did 20 years ago.

The TV and radio presenter, now 52, graced the pages of 90s favourites FHM, Loaded and Maxim in her twenties and thirties.

17Jenny Powell, pictured in 1999, was an icon of 80s and 90s TVCredit: Rex Features 17Pictured in 1995, she said she's more aware of her popularity with men now than she was back in the dayCredit: Rex Features

The yoga enthusiast, who's mum to daughters Connie, 20, and Polyanna, 12, says she feels in better shape than ever and wouldn't turn down an opportunity to do similar shoots now.

In an exclusive chat with Fabulous, ahead of Britain's Favourite 80s Songs airing on Channel 5 tonight, she says: "Yes I would consider it.

"I do feel 50 but I feel great for it, I feel far more confident than I did when I went in for my first FHM or Loaded shoot.

"I think that’s what it’s all about, it’s aspirational and I definitely think, why not?"

17Jenny says she would still consider doing sexy lad mag shoots at 52Credit: jennypowelltv/Instagram

Jenny, who shot to fame as a presenter on No Limits aged just 16, became a household name thanks to shows like Top of the Pops, Wheel of Fortune and Gimme 5.

Nowadays, she's inundated with fans and romantic requests on social media - but she says she was unaware of her own popularity as a youngster, until she was invited to do the risque shoots.

Jenny explains: "Back in the day, you didn’t have social media and if you had a fan, the only way you’d know about them is if they wrote a letter to your agent.

I feel far more confident than I did when I went in for my first FHM or Loaded shoot - so I definitely think, why not?

Jenny Powell52

"We had these postcard sized head shots and you’d go into the agency and sign them all, it was really old school.

"So you didn’t realise what was going on out there, I only discovered later on in my career how much of a pin up I was then.

"A lot of the lads’ mags had come out by then, like Loaded and Maxim and FHM, I remember I did those and I was a bit awkward about it, but that’s what everyone was doing at the time.

"When I did those, I thought ‘oh OK there must be people who think I’m a pin up’ but it's only now, because of my social media, that I get a big reaction.

17Jenny, pictured in 2004, posed for Maxim, FHM and Loaded back in the dayCredit: Rex Features 17Her first TV gig was No Limits in 1986Credit: Rex Features

"I either get women who ask ‘what’s your fitness regime?’ or men in their 40s or 50s who are fans from way back when, I've reinherited lots of that fan base on Instagram which is lovely.

"It shows you're not invisible in your 50s, you can still inspire people.

"I get a lot of guys who say 'I'm going to start yoga' or 'I'm going to eat more healthily'. If you can incorporate that with being in a pin up, then great.

"I do sometimes get younger guys (chatting me up), not as many but there’s always going to be a couple, which is very nice."

17Jenny has barely aged a day and now gets mistaken for her 20-year-old daughter's sisterCredit: Rex Features

Back in October, Jenny revealed how she gets mistaken for her daughter Connie's sister, despite their 32-year age gap, describing herself as "Benjamin Button"

And she admits Connie tells her off for her racy Instagram pics - although she calls her a "cool mum" at other times.

"Connie’s a quiet little thing really," Jenny says.

17Connie, 20, is also the one who tells Mum off for risque Instagram snapsCredit: Twitter

"She’s always been like ‘Mum you’re so embarrassing’, ‘what are you doing?’ or ‘take that off Instagram’.

"Whenever I post anything, I think ‘what would Connie say?’ She’s my gauge for what I should or shouldn’t do.

"At 20 years old, I trust her more than anyone else about what I should put out there.

My daughter's always saying ‘Mum you’re so embarrassing’, ‘what are you doing?’ or ‘take that off Instagram’. Whenever I post anything, I think ‘what would Connie say?’

Jenny Powell52

"But I think quietly she likes it - she can’t quite believe her mum is dead cool and playing music on the radio in her 50s.

"So she does actually say ‘I think you’re really cool’. When we go on holiday, we swap clothes and bikinis, the lot.

"She’s well up for it but she doesn’t sing it from the rooftops. Every now and then I’ll get a really lovely message from her.

"I know when I’ve crossed the line and I’ll have to reign it back in because she just gives me a look with those big, beautiful green eyes and I’m like ‘OK’. So I quite like that."

17Jenny is engaged to sports therapist and toyboy Martin LoweCredit: Instagram

Jenny, who divorced from her daughters' dad Tony Baxendale in 2009, is currently loved up with fiance and sports therapist Martin Lowe.

The pair met at London Euston train station in 2010 with Martin, who's seven years younger than Jenny, proposing in New York four years later.

Explaining she thinks she's in better shape now than in the 90s, although "in different ways", she says: "I think I eat better, I’m far more conscious of what I’m eating than I was before.

17Jenny credits her diet and exercise regime with keeping her in shape and looking youthfulCredit: jennypowelltv/Instagram 17She says she's more confident in her looks now than in her 20sCredit: jennypowelltv/Instagram

"Just because the information’s out there, whereas before it wasn’t, but also my partner Martin is just amazing when it comes to nutrition and exercise. He’s been a really good inspiration and guidance.

"So I think I’m more informed and wise, with wisdom you learn you should like yourself first and foremost.

"I’ve definitely become more confident in my approach to exercise, what I eat and healthy living.

"I do think it has come with age because that’s just how the times are now, the information’s all out there.

17Jenny says she 'lived out of a suitcase' during the height of her careerCredit: Rex Features 17Pictured in 1997Credit: Rex Features

"Organic veg, grass-fed meat, all those things, we didn’t know what that was in the 90s.

"I ate a lot of pasta, I was working so much that my feet didn't touch the ground. I was in hotels, living out of a suitcase so I was eating out a lot.

"Now I aim to exercise every day, although it's really hard during lockdown, it's taking a lot of effort to jump out of bed and do the things I would normally do.

"My 12-year-old's definitely keeping me going. Even though everyone's moaning about homeschooling, you have to flip it round and look at the things that make you smile - and she definitely does that."

17Jenny loves yoga and aims to exercise every day, first thing in the morningCredit: jennypowelltv/Instagram 17She says getting such big gigs in her teens and twenties could be 'overwhelming'Credit: jennypowelltv/Instagram

Jenny first appeared on TOTP in 1989, when she was 20, admitting: "That's really young, especially for such an iconic show, I think I was in shock for most of it."

She adds: "For me it was just a bit overwhelming. When I look at my daughter now, I’m thinking ‘oh my God, I was on a major popular show at her age’.

"Millions of people were watching because there were only four channels, no digital or Sky.

"But I always made something of it, I have an inner confidence I think. Quite often I really did feel like I was winging it, but ignorance is bliss."

After TOTP, she presented children's TV show Gimme 5, which is where she met Jason Orange, 50, who she dated at the height of Take That's fame.

17Pictured with with Kylie Minogue on Gimme 5 in 1993Credit: Rex Features

She says: "I remember the first time we ever met in an interview, I was literally running through their names right before I went on air because it was live TV.

"I was going ‘OK it’s Gary, that’s Robbie, then there’s Jason and Howard, they’re kind of similar’. That’s my first memory of coming across Take That, which was quite funny.

"I think it was quite lucky we didn’t have iPhones at the time. I never took any stupid selfies with pop star boyfriends, which I'm quite happy about, as it's a personal thing.

I was heavily pregnant by the time I left. I probably was the first to do something like that, especially in a glamorous role like Wheel of Fortune. When I look back, I did groundbreaking things

Jenny Powell52

"What I do regret, looking back, is there were some iconic and lovely moments in my career - I wish I had a better professional record of all the people I'd met.

"My mum had all these video cassettes from where I’d been on TV, but unfortunately she threw them all away.

"If I do want to have a look back in time, I have to go on YouTube and hope somebody’s put a video on there from 35 years ago."

17Jenny pictured with former Sun columnist Gary Bushell, on the Wheel of Fortune setCredit: News Group Newspapers Ltd

In 1995, Jenny joined Wheel of Fortune, presenting alongside Nicky Campbell, Bradley Walsh and John Lesley until 2001.

She says: "It was great, because it’s grown up TV and it was Saturday night entertainment, but on the flip side I was a glamorous game show hostess and I felt quite frustrated.

"Today if somebody asked you to turn some letters around in a nice outfit you’d probably think ‘erm’.

17Jenny was heavily pregnant when she left the show, something she says was 'groundbreaking' at the timeCredit: jennypowelltv/Instagram

"I did put my foot down though. We went to America and watched the show there and I was like ‘she doesn’t say anything, it’s ridiculous’ so I fought for a speaking part on the show.

"I think if I hadn’t already been a presenter and that was my first job, it wouldn’t have been so frustrating but I was thinking ‘why can’t I host it? Why is it always a guy?’

"I stuck around for a few years and I was heavily pregnant by the time I left - it wasn’t the done thing to have pregnant women on the TV at the time.

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"I probably was the first to do something like that, especially in a glamorous role like Wheel of Fortune.

"The first thing I would do in the breaks was take my high heels off. When I look back, I did groundbreaking things. You just never saw that until then."

Britain's Favourite 80s Songs: 1980 is on Channel 5 at 10pm tonight.

Loose Women fans stunned as Jenny Powell, 52, and lookalike daughter Connie, 19, talk about being 'best friends'

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