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How Texass deregulated market for power led to exorbitant electric bills Ghislaine Maxwell offers to renounce foreign citizenship in exchange for bail

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The Wizard of Oz got it right: There's no place like home.

I mean, where else can you walk around without pants and not break any rules? A home is the physical embodiment of the people who inhabit it, so it's no wonder that it's such a special place for so many. And for most, home has taken on an especially significant meaning over the last year. With more time spent at home than ever, it's worth being grateful for the space thats been through it all with you. Celebrate the feeling of being home with these words of wisdom that capture that inner peace we all feel at our favorite place.

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Vernon Jordan, Activist, Former Clinton Advisor, Has Died

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10 times Gary put Ash in his place – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

The rivalry between Ash Ketchum and Gary Oak was the main driving force behind the early Pokémon games. Gary was always one step ahead of the players and was sarcastic whenever one ran into him. The same is true to a lesser extent in the series, as Gary was always there to rub Ash’s failures in his face.

With how annoying Ash was at times, it was hard not to rejoice when those moments came. Gary was the only mountain that always blocked Ash’s path, and he made sure to let his rival know.

10 He called Ash an amateur trainer and refused to fight him

If there’s one thing Gary never lacked, it was self-confidence. He was always selfish during the beginning of the series, and for good reason, he was always one step ahead of Ash at all times.

10 times Naruto put Sasuke in his place Pokémon: 10 times Gary Oak was a better lead than Ash

The episode « Beauty and the Beach » showed both traits when she took the stage during the Beach Beauty Contest and Pokémon Costumes to insult Ash. Naturally, Ash got up and challenged him to a match, only to be turned away and called a fan in front of everyone.

9 His collection dwarfs Ash’s, reaching 45 compared to Ash’s 7

As good as the series was, it was always strange that for a series built around catching Pokémon, Ash did very little of that. It was in the catchphrase, for crying out loud. Gary, for his part, was always collecting Pokémon, exposing Ash.

He didn’t even have to be there to do it. His grandfather, Professor Oak, did it for him in « Mystery at the Lighthouse » when he told Ash that Gary’s Krabby was significantly larger than Ash’s.

8 Gary had already earned ten badges when he faced Giovanni

What makes this all the more impressive is the fact that there are only eight gyms in Kanto, and that he was fighting Giovanni, implying that he hadn’t picked up his badge yet. No one knows where he got the other three mysterious badges from.

Maybe he had forged some just to show Ash for the snob he was. Regardless, it’s impressive that he’s gathered so many considering the fight Ash had with some of the gym leaders, specifically Sabrina.

7 defeated Ash in his first on-screen battle

It’s a surprise that it took over 100 episodes and Ash won the Orange League for the two to finally meet in a battle, and when they did, it was simply a 1v1, rather than a battle proper.

He faced Gary’s Eevee and Ash’s Pikachu in a battle in which Eevee did not appear to take any damage throughout the match. It showed that despite all of Ash’s victories, he was still second best after his rival, who, to Gary’s credit, did not lord his victory over Ash and instead congratulated him on a well fought battle.

6 Gary gets rid of the ash after defeating Alex Davis

Gary was embroiled in a heated battle with Alex Davis, pitting his Alakazam against Gary’s evolved Eevee, Umbreon. The battle was very close, but Gary showed his superiority and managed to emerge victorious. Afterward, Ash tried to challenge Gary’s Umbreon.

Gary ignored him, telling Ash to remember what happened to Pikachu the last time they fought. Ash then tried to show the rest of his Pokémon, saying that he didn’t need to use Pikachu, but by then, Gary was already gone.

5 Gary mocks Ash for not being prepared by being a victim of illusions in the woods

Something that was always present in Gary and Ash’s interactions is the fact that Gary was the smarter of the two, even when Ash began to outdo him as a coach. He always planned ahead and informed himself on the spot before acting.

The episode « Illusory Confusion! » is proof of this, as Ash and his allies wandered the forest aimlessly, not knowing that they needed a Hoothoot to get around. If Gary had not shown up, it is unknown how long they would have been trapped there.

4 Gary managed to defeat Ash even after giving up his life as a coach

Towards the end of the original series, Gary decided that he no longer wanted to be a trainer and retired to become a Pokémon researcher like his grandfather. For this reason, his role in the series was reduced, appearing only from time to time.

In one of the episodes, « Home is where the beginning is! », The two have another battle after Ash sees that Gary now has an Electivire in his possession. Ash tries to fight him with his Pikachu and quickly loses.

3 Gary forces Ash to understand that he can’t slow down his Pokémon’s growth

Ash has always been against the evolution of Pokémon when it is not done naturally. It has been this way since the beginning of the series, when he refused to evolve Pikachu into a Raichu during his fights with Lieutenant Surge.

That same mindset carried over to the Diamond and Pearl series, where he was initially opposed to evolving his Gligar, even though the Pokemon wanted it. At the end of the episode, Ash ends up accepting the idea and even thanks Gary for his help.

2 Gary calling Ash’s actions rash and stupid

The two rarely work together, but when J and his henchmen were poaching Pokémon, this forced the two of them to work together. Their differences were exposed, Ash wanting to attack and fight the bad guys like the typical protagonist and Gary wanting to protect the Shieldon at all costs, trying to stay one step ahead of J.

In the end, it took both strategies to emerge victorious, beating J and keeping the Shieldon safe in the process.

1 Gary hit Ash as he was leaving a store

Gary made a brief appearance coming out of a store in town. Coincidentally, he did it just as Ash entered, knocking on the door and knocking out his rival.

It was a neat way to show how far away Ash was from Gary because he didn’t even bother to look, stepping over Ash in more ways than one.

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